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Saieve Al Sabah Explains His Philosophy on Promos in Wrestling

December 19, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
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POST Wrestling recently spoke to independent wrestler Saieve Al Sabah, who has worked in MLW, GCW, and EVOLVE. Below are some highlights.

On his early influences in wrestling: “Early influence, I guess just as a kid growing up in society, professional wrestling was always on television. The first match that really intrigued me was Shawn [Michaels] and Bret Hart at WrestleMania XII, the Iron Man match but I do remember vividly, wrestling just being around in life so it’s something that when I saw that match at WrestleMania XII, I just thought it was something that was larger than life and it was a great platform for a kid to chase his childhood dream.”

Saeive Al Sabah on the way he looks at promos: “While I am in the industry of professional wrestling, I don’t really garner to certain terms or ideologies. I don’t do promos, I speak from the heart and that’s what you’re getting. If there’s a situation between me and an individual, it’s going to be sincere, because there’s a conflict, and with conflict creates drama. I ain’t worried about the crowd. I ain’t worried about critics. I ain’t worried about anyone but getting my point across to that individual that I am what I say I am, and you know, I embrace being an individual while people want me to represent certain things. The most important thing for me to represent is myself. I believe in representing myself. I represent others so, those promos or that interview or whatever that is-is just me being genuine and me being as polarizing as I can as a human being and I’m being honest and I’m being genuine in what I’m saying and everything I do say, people are gonna be quiet so they can wait for the truth.”

Saieve Al Sabah on connecting with the crowds: “Everyone wants you to be yourself but they don’t want you to be yourself. They want you to be their version of yourself, and no one can teach you how to be yourself, especially when you are [who] you are. There’s just certain connections. That’s why you ask why people can like me or hate me. No one can teach me that. I can only try to master it. Everyone has the answer and they’ll try to tell you that it’ll lead you somewhere that you may not necessarily want to go. Everyone’s dreams and ambitions are not the same and everyone assumes they are so, that’s something that needs to be corrected. Some people like being indie stars, some people don’t. So it’s the perfect balance I would say.”

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