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Sam Adonis Discusses His Confrontation With Pat Monix After Chair Shot at Warrior Wrestling

June 16, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Sam Adonis

– Sam Adonis spoke with Wrestling Inc about confronting Pat Monix after taking a nasty chairshot during their recent match for Warrior Wrestling. Adonis, the younger brother of Corey Graves, got caught in the eye after a chairshot to the head when Monix dropped the chair, which bounced off Adonis’ foot and caught him right in the eye. There was reportedly a heated confrontation between the two backstage after the match, and highlights of Adonis discussing the incident and more are below:

On confronting Monix backstage after the match: “I don’t know if I nearly beat him up. If this was ballet, we wouldn’t be a part of it as tempers get heated the way that they are. I was unaware of the situation; all I know was that my eye was busted and the ref kept saying how bad it was. Anyone who’s been in a fight like that, you don’t necessarily think logically in that moment. So I was literally seeing red and came in the back to call out Monix. Everybody calmed everything down and we never came to blows. There was no intention of me doing anything more than that, but people are gonna think it’s something bigger than it is when tempers are flaring.”

On working with stitches five nights later: “There’s guys that work harder than me that are hurt more than me and that’s something we have to accept as performers. If it were ever force me to miss work, then I’d probably look like a big sissy. So, I don’t want that. …I try to deliver 100 percent and wouldn’t want to let anyone down especially with my name being advertised.”

On his love of ECW: “I grew up in Pittsburgh watching ECW and we used to go to the Golden Dome where they did November to Remember ’97. ECW is such a big part of me and being a seven-year-old kid exposed to that opened my eyes to not accept WCW or WWE. That plays into my vision and excitement about the wrestling business worldwide. So being able to have Super Crazy here in Pittsburgh [for WrestleRex] means something. There’s still a tail end of that ECW crowd excited to have him here. I’m excited to bring him back because I worked with him in Mexico and Japan. He’s a friend of mine and I want to take care of these guys like they took care of me.”

On the audience at WrestleRex’s first show: “The crowd at the first WrestleRex was as hot as any crowd I’ve been in front of and I think that’s what’s gonna make this something special. The people being so hot and crazy, plus the atmosphere – I think we are onto something that’s gonna turn into something big, especially here in Pittsburgh. But given the volume of the stream, I think it’s something that wrestling fans worldwide are gonna wanna be a part of.”