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Sam Adonis On Working With Former WWE Camera Man For His New Company WrestleRex

June 13, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Sam Adonis

– Sam Adonis spoke with Wrestling Inc for a new interview promoting his new promotion WrestleRex, which is holding a show tonight in Pittsburgh. Highlights are below:

On working with WWE cameraman Zach White on WrestleRex’s production values: “One of Zach’s associates came to the first wrestling show and he was in attendance with a lot of who’s who of Pittsburgh media and sports. They saw the product and they believed in it just as much as I do. Since then we’ve been communicating and they wanna be a part of this. The venue is perfect for wrestling; it’s a 400 capacity and standing room alone. Because of the rock concerts that happen there on a daily basis, the in-house production and lighting is through the roof. Tonight’s stream will be seven cameras and they will have live introductions and cuts. Everything will be full-blown 100 percent professional. I hate the term ‘indie’ because it demoralizes what it is we do, and I don’t do too many small independent shows, but what we’ve stumbled across is pretty damn far from what would be considered ‘indie.’ Seven cameras, produced by a former WWE cameraman – he’s filmed three WrestleManias. So, having his experience and knowledge, tied into the city aspect as well as the wrestling product, I think we’ve stumbled onto some magic here and I hope everyone can be a part of.”

On his brother Corey Graves not calling the show: “I’d say Corey Graves is contractually obligated to not help any sort of competition,” stated Adonis. “Not to say we’re anywhere near competition, but I don’t think he’d be allowed to be the color on a Thursday night. But we do have Wrestling Inc’s own Justin LaBar calling the action along with Joe Dombrowski who’s known through a lot of the independents.”

On Soberano Jr. and Templario being the main event: “[They are] basically the next hot stars in Mexico. They are in the same breath as a Ray Fenix or Bandido as far as ability goes. They just haven’t had the opportunity to showcase what they’re capable of,” stated Adonis. “Given the stage and capacity of this event, I’d like to think this could be their breakout performances. Naturally, teaming up with Lucha Central, that will give us the Spanish market plus the smart fans tuning in. I think this broadcast will really open some eyes and hopefully get some attention here in the Pittsburgh area which hasn’t had too much going on in the last couple of years.”

On how the company started: “Basically, we struck gold here in Pittsburgh. I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world for the last seven years… and my background is coming from a wrestling promotion with my father. Since I’ve been home I’ve ran into some old friends and they kicked around the idea of putting together a wrestling event at the Rex Theater which is in the south side of Pittsburgh. We fell into something and ran the first show back in February which included myself and DJZ vs. Pentagon and Fenix. Since then this has snowballed and Pittsburgh is wrapping this up. It’s turned into something I didn’t even think was possible and I’m super excited about the show here tonight.”

On where he sees the promotion going: “[Being a promoter] is something that I’ve always kept a part of me. Once I got signed to WWE in 2011, I’ve always had my eyes and ears open – I’ve always been omniscient to what’s going on in the wrestling business.”

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