Samantha Irvin On Announcing Damage CTRL As Judgment Day At WWE Money In The Bank

August 7, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Samantha Irvin WWE Image Credit: WWE

Samantha Irvin had a flub at Money in the Bank when she announced Damage CTRL as Judgment Day, and she recently talked about how it happened. Irvin was a guest on Ryan Satin’s Out of Character podcast and talked about the miss, which saw her announce Bayley and IYO SKY as representing Judgment Day. You can check out some highlights below, per Fightful:

On what led up to her flub: “That whole week leading up to it, we did the UK tour. We had Raw, then we had the UK tour, then Money In The Bank, then again Raw right after that. I said representing Judgment Day, I counted, I said representing the Judgment Day twenty times that week. I said representing Damage CTRL zero times that week.

“I don’t know what happened, and I’m being honest. This really is on me, I was just so relieved that I got through the rules that when we kept rolling, I looked over and I’m like, ‘Representing the Judgment Day, Bayley’, cause Bayley’s coming out. I’m like ‘Okay, great.’”

on her immediate reaction to the call: “I go and sit down and then IYO SKY’s music hits and I go, ‘I didn’t say Damage CTRL at all. I don’t remember saying those words at all.’ I said to Rome, ‘What did I say? I didn’t say [Damage CTRL]’, and he was like, ‘What, I didn’t notice anything.’ He [checked] Twitter and he’s like, ‘Yeah, you said Judgment Day.’ I’m like, ‘Damn. Oh no.’

“First of all, I was like it is what it is. You gotta keep rolling, it’s fine. I knew that what the women were about to come out and do was far more important than that. So I [told myself] I was going to hit up Bayley after and apologize because I messed up her intro. She was cool, she was just making fun of me about it. Once I knew she was fine, I was okay.”

On the online reaction: “For the fans, for the reaction that I got, it made me really realize that you did it. You made it to a place where misspeaking is newsworthy, so I’m actually kind of proud. If I was a smarter businesswoman, I would have done it on purpose because the response has been overwhelming. I do apologize to everybody that I took out of the moment because that’s what I would feel bad about, I never want to take anyone out of the magic of the moment. So if I did that for someone, I apologize because it was not intentional.”