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Sambus’ AEW Collision Review 07.06.24

July 6, 2024 | Posted by Theo Sambus
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Sambus’ AEW Collision Review 07.06.24  

Hello my fellow Colliders! Theo Sambus here, once again checking in for your live coverage of AEW Collision here on 411. We’ve got tough competition tonight, going up against the Money in the Bank PPV, but Tony Khan has seemingly strategically booked a strong show in lieu of that.

MJF is scheduled to open the show, having turned on Daniel Garcia at the close of Dynamite this past Wednesday, which already makes this can’t-miss viewing for AEW fans. We’ve also got the last semi-final match in the Men’s Owen Hart Cup tournament, as the Hangman Adam Page/Jay White feud reignites, albeit this time with both men positioned as heels, giving it a new lick of paint. Sounds good to me – let’s head down to ringside!


Location: Southaven, MS

Venue: Landers Center

Commentators: Nigel McGuinness & Tony Schiavone


We recap the events of Dynamite as we come on the air, with Daniel Garcia loaded into an ambulance. Live at ringside, the music of Maxwell Jacob Friedman hits, and here he comes…no leather jacket anymore, he’s suited and booted once again. Cut his music, cut his music.

MJF knows everyone in this building is inbred and stupid, but he would appreciate it if everyone kept their mouths shut. Daniel Garcia is nothing more than a pawn to MJF. He really thought MJF would give him a match at All In? MJF was always going to stab him in the back. MJF calls Garcia a Make A Wish kid at best, and MJF wanted to grant him the greatest wish of all, a match at Wembley against the greatest man who ever lived, and Garcia didn’t answer? MJF says Garcia won’t make it to All In, he won’t even wrestle again.

Instead, MJF is here to talk to ‘you’. We see footage from an MJF promo last year about him having ADHD, and him being bullied as a kid. Back live, Maxwell says he opened up to people, and he warned people that it would tear him apart if people turned their back on him, but they did it anyway. He let his guard down for them, he broke his body for them, and how do they repay him? After his best friend stabbed him in the back, he turns on Dynamite after World’s End to hear people chanting ‘Thank You Joe’. While he was in physical therapy, MJF was discarded by the people for guys like Swerve, Okada and that ‘talentless hack’ Will Ospreay. What MJF did to Garcia wasn’t personal between him and Danny, it was personal between MJF and the fans. MJF will take away everything the people love, because it all sucks.

MJF will fix AEW with him on top. The fans want Will Ospreay, but they’re too delusional to realise Ospreay is a child, he doesn’t care about making this place money. He only cares about good matches. The only ratings Ospreay cares about is from a guy named Meltzer, but MJF cares about the ones from Nielsen. MJF wants to get medieval on him, bruv, and he asks for Ospreay to come out so he can sacrifice him.

Ospreay’s music hits…and MJF is smiling, because Ospreay is not here tonight. MJF calls Ospreay a gutless coward, like all of ‘you’. His name is Maxwell Jacob Friedman, and you can thank him later.



Lexy Nair is with the Conglomeration backstage. Kyle O’Reilly is bummed out, but Briscoe isn’t. He says the word of the day is epiphany. He had an epiphany, and they’re about to put a historical ass whooping on the Iron Savages. Cassidy says he doesn’t care.


Match One: [Trios Match] Mark Briscoe, Kyle O’Reilly & Orange Cassidy vs The Iron Savages

As KOR and Jacked Jameson square off, the music of the Undisputed Kingdom hits, and Strong joins the commentary desk. Jameson drinks his protein shake, and Kyle kicks the hamstring. Shoulder block by Jameson, another protein shake is grabbed, but Mark Briscoe grabs it and drinks it himself. He goes wild! Shoulder block to Jameson and Bronson. Briscoe and O’Reilly hulk up, enziguri to Boulder. Jawbreaker to Bronson, but the Savages with a double shoulder block to take down O’Reilly. Senton, 1, 2, no. We head to PIP as Bronson clotheslines O’Reilly to the mat.

Crossbody to a seated Kyle gives Boulder a 2 count. Boulder mocks Cassidy by putting his hands in his singlet, but Kyle fights back, only to get cut off with a shoulder tackle. Quick tags by the Savages now, but Jameson rebound springboards into some knees from Kyle. O’Reilly gets the tag to Briscoe, who unleashes some Redneck Kung Fu on the Savages. Roaring elbow connects, boots Jameson to the outside, and Briscoe goes to tag Orange Cassidy, but OC isn’t feeling it. He eventually tags in, goes wild with a tope suicida and a crossbody. Satellite DDT to Boulder! Orange Punch, no he’s caught by Bronson in a Bear Hug. Stundog Millionaire, Briscoe springboards off the back of Bronson to the outside! Kyle with a running knee off the apron! OC with the Orange Punch, connects! 1, 2, 3.

Winners: Mark Briscoe, Kyle O’Reilly, & Orange Cassidy

Time: 7:55

Rating: *** – Result never in question, but the Conglomeration make a fun trio, with offense that complement each other pretty well.


We hear from Jack Perry backstage (nice camera angle focusing on Jack’s reflection in the TNT title), who talks about sacrifice. Tonight, he is paid in full. He will give someone the opportunity to sacrifice everything…and if they don’t, Perry will sacrifice them instead.



Video package recapping the awesome Swerve vs Ospreay match from Forbidden Door last weekend.

Lexy Nair is backstage to welcome Hangman Adam Page. His indefinite suspension is lifted and he defeated Jeff Jarrett. But why now? Page says he’s here for convenience. It didn’t matter how long he was gone – the moment they thought they could use him, they brought him back. Page says ‘he’ knows why he’s here. Page will burn through the tournament, go to Wembley, and right that ultimate wrong…he will burn his world to the ground. Lexy reminds Page that he has never defeated Jay White before, and Page storms off. Page never mentioned anyone by name, but it seems pretty apparent who he’s referring to.


Match Two: ‘Timeless’ Toni Storm (w/ Mariah May & Luther) vs Trish Adora (w/ The Infantry)

Storm locks in a headlock, Trish reverses. Shoulder blocks are traded, Storm with a cradle for 2, Adora with a follow up pin for 2. Adora gets Storm in the Air Raid Crash position, but holds her there in a pretzel submission. Storm escapes, but Trish steps through into an arm submission, stretching out the arms behind Storm.

Storm comes back with a dropkick, and a hip attack to knock Adora off the apron. Storm grabs a mic and asks for a standing ovation, but is met with a bicycle kick by Adora. Mariah May gets in the face of Carly Bravo haha, until Luther gets involved too. Trish slides Storm back inside the ring, nice bridging suplex gets a 2. Adora keeps control, until Storm gets a backstabber in the corner and hits a bridging suplex of her own for 2.

She looks for Storm Zero, can’t get it, but Adora whips her off the ropes and hits a swinging backbreaker. To their feet, they trade forearms, Trish goes to her knees and hits a low angle German suplex, 1, 2, no! Toni with the hip attack in the corner! 1, 2, no. More forearms from both women, Trish fires up but a headbutt from Toni connects. Pump kick by Adora, but Storm fires off a Storm Zero out of nowhere for the 1, 2, 3!

Winner: ‘Timeless’ Toni Storm

Time: 8:15

Rating: ***1/4 – Odd alignment as Trish has always been presented a face, but the crowd were solidly behind Storm. Apart from that, this was some good in-ring action (with Trish looking great in defeat), although I’m not a huge fan of the Storm Zero becoming an ‘outta nowhere’ kinda move, we’re starting to see that semi-regularly now. Storm is a great technician which seems wasted if she can just bust out an ‘ultimate’ finisher like that.

Video package hyping up Mariah May vs Willow Nightingale this coming Wednesday. May will stop at nothing to bring that cup home, and says this one is for Toni.



The Patriarchy speak backstage! Cage says he promised his family the gift of the Trios championships. He had to Google who even was the champions, that says everything about the Bang Bang Gang’s run. Cage will take those belts to new heights. Cage thinks fans will thank him for helping Jay White stop treading water, giving us the Switchblade we thought we were getting when he first signed.

Kip Sabian shows up and says he lost his father. Cage says at least he’s not around to see what a loser his son has become. Killswitch apparently destroys Sabian off camera, at the behest of Cage!

Next, Jack Perry heads to ringside for the TNT Title Open Challenge. A Jurassic Express video plays on the screen…it’s Marko F’n Stunt! Ha!


Match Three: [TNT Championship] Jack Perry (c) vs Marko Stunt

Perry looks like he’s seen a ghost. Stunt with a headbutt and he goes in on Stunt…but a clothesline turns him inside out. Perry lays in the forearms, Stunt tries to fight back but Perry chops him down. Stunt goes for a headscissors but gets lawn-darted into the buckles HARD! Perry goes for a powerbomb but Stunt with a hurracanrana! Marko to the top rope…Dragonrana, no Perry catches him, buckle bomb. Running knee to the side of the head, 1, 2, 3.

Winner and STILL TNT Champion: Jack Perry

Time: 3:19

Rating: N/R – SQUASH. Probably the most I’ve ever been entertained by a Marko Stunt match though.


Heading backstage, we hear from the Kings of the Black Throne. Malakai says people want to know how they feel about Buddy Matthews’ injury, but Black doesn’t feel anything. Revenge isn’t a straight line, it’s an imbalanced scale, waiting to be tipped back into perfect balance. King says even though they feel nothing, Christian will feel everything.



Match Four: Claudio Castagnoli vs ‘The Beast’ Mortos

Nice last minute addition here, this could cook! Castagnoli with a waistlock, grounds Mortos, but Mortos escapes. Arm control traded, Morots flips out of it. Kitchen sink takes Castagnoli off his feet, then off the ropes Castagnoli catches Mortos in midair and turns him into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, damn! Stalling double stomp connects. Mortos with a quick powerslam gets a 1 count. Mortos drops the knee pad, charges into the corner, gets tossed to the floor and WIPES THE CAMERA MAN OUT, geeeez! Castagnoli misses a baseball slides, Mortos back in the ring and comes right back out with a torneo!

Mortos springs back in the ring, headscissors, but Claudio follows through and sends Mortos into the ringpost shoulder-first. Back suplex connects as we go to PIP. Castagnoli whips the back of Mortos’ head into the top turnbuckle, and repeats it in another corner. He goes for a third corner and does the same…and does the same in the fourth corner for good measure.

Arm lock applied by Castagnoli in the center of the ring, but both men get to their feet and exchange forearms and overhand chops. Claudio unloads forearms, Mortos with a reverse Slingblade and a crucifix bomb, 1, 2, no. Mortos runs up the buckles and hits a rebound crossbody. Neutralizer attempted but countered. Spear by Mortos! 1, 2, no.

Mortos goes for a springboard but Castagnoli tosses him overhead to the outside. Claudio takes a run up, running uppercut against the barricade. Back in the ring, Mortos avoids the Swing and gets a big headbutt, followed by a swinging backbreaker for another 2 count. Back suplex countered by Castagnoli, runs into a back elbow, but Mortos dives into an uppercut. Claudio signals for the Swing…and he gets it! Running lariat! 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Claudio Castagnoli

Time: 11:34

Rating: ***1/2 – Well that was a hell of a lot of fun. Claudio did Claudio things and Mortos more than held his own in a great showing. Now to capitalise on this and give Mortos some regular appearances. Also, can we give that camera man a raise? Yikes!


Lexy Nair is with Matt Menard backstage, asking about the condition of both himself and Daniel Garcia. Menard says he has a concussion, light sensitivity, and is not feeling great to be honest. Garcia is home in Buffalo, he lost strength in the left side of his body, but there’s good news – he will be making a full recovery. And there’s good news for MJF too…he will give Danny the satisfaction of being the first one to get his hands on Maxwell. He won’t know when it will come, it could be six months, a year, but regardless – MJF won’t get ‘dancing’ Danny Garcia…he’ll get Red Death!



Back from break, we get a brief promo video for…I have no idea? Some code flashes up on the screen and we see someone running from behind. Any ideas, guys?

Serena Deeb is backstage, and says she’s not the same wrestler or the same woman as she was in 2021 when she lost to Riho. She’s evolved into the very best of this division. Deeb says they’ll find out if Riho is on the same level as the Professor.


Match Five: Riho vs Lady Frost

Lockup to start, Frost with a clean break in the corner. Shoulder block, cover for 1, Riho bridges out of it. Arm drags galore, swinging neckbreaker from Frost connects. Riho with a boot to the midsection, drops Frost to the middle rope, hits the Tiger Feint Kick. Riho up top, diving crossbody, 1, 2, no. Rising knee in the corner and a bulldog to follow up, 1, 2, no. But Riho locks in a crossface immediately, until Frost rolls into a pin for 2.

Dropkick to the back from Frost, 1, 2, no. Chops in the corner, Frost misses one and Riho capitalises with chops of her own. Frost isn’t impressed and wants more. Fisherwoman’s suplex by Frost, inside cradle by Riho gets a 2. Riho with a back mount, Frost rolls out of it and drives a knee into the small of the back. Slight miscommunication and an awkward headscissors takes Frost to the floor, Riho heads up top again, crossbody to the floor, almost ATE SHIT on that, she basically dived into the knees of Frost. Back in the ring, spin kick connects for Frost, Chiller Driller! 1, 2, no.

Frost goes up, possibly looking for the Frost Bite, but Riho grabs the legs and pulls her back. Belly to belly suplex from Frost. Up top, moonsault! 1, 2, no. Frost gets Riho on her shoulders, Riho fights out of it into a dragon suplex! Flipping STO (basically Kofi’s SOS) from Riho connects, and that gets the 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Riho

Time: 8:45

Rating: **3/4 – For the love of God can we please give Frost some wins?! She’s so much better than being a perrenial JTTS. Some awkward/clumsy moments in the middle portion, but pretty decent on the whole.

Lexy Nair is standing by with Top Flight and Shane Taylor Promotions, who face off next week on Rampage. Moriarty and Dante Martin get in each other’s faces.



Samoa Joe says that the things Jericho has done makes him question Jericho’s faith in his fellow man. How much faith does Jericho have in the medical staff once Joe is done with him? Joe will take him all over the building and massacre him. Does Jericho have enough faith that anyone can stop him? Damn, nice promo.


Match Six: [Men’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Semifinal] ‘Hangman’ Adam Page vs Jay White (w/ The Bang Bang Gang)

Bobby Cruise gets on the mic to say that he has been informed by the Young Bucks that the other members of the Bang Bang Gang have been ejected from the building. Page grabs White by the head and shoves him back into the corner before the bell rings. Referee Paul Turner separates them and calls for the bell, and this one is on.

They spill to the floor before Page chases White back in the ring. A slugfest ensues with Page getting control. Fallaway slam takes White down, springboard clothesline but White backs up and Page gets hung up on the ropes. White continues with a choke on the ropes, but Page eventually gets the springboard clothesline and then whips White into the barricade on the outside. Page follows White back into the ring, White tries to get a sneaky Blade Runner but can’t. Page with a sleeper slam and then kicks the heck out of him, booting him to the outside again as we go to PIP.

White drives Page backwards into the steel steps, and they both go head over heels over the steps, that looked painful for both guys. And now Page clotheslines White and they both spill over the barricade! Page is busted open, DAMN that’s a gusher. Replay shows his head hit the guardrail on the way down, that’s a hardway cut, folks.

Back in the ring, Page gets White on the top rope, but White fights back. White kicks him away and chops him, before getting a knee trembler, and a dragon screw. Jay with jabs in the corner, opening up Page even more.Thumb to the eye from Hangman! And now Jay gouges the eyes in return! DDT by Jay, 1, 2, no. White looks for a suplex but Page puts the brakes on. Discus forearm by Page, but he walks into a flatliner, and a deadlift suplex by White! They battle to the apron, exchanging strikes, Page charges and gets dropped with a flatliner on the apron. Jay climbs back up, looking for a German on the apron, but Page pulls forward and the momentum sends White into the ringpost. Powerbomb into the apron to follow! Page gets in position for the Buckshot, but White collapses to the mat, and that saves him.

Page gets rolled up though, 1, 2, no. Page back to the apron, but White with a dragon screw through the ropes. Pop up powerbomb by Hangman connects, 1, 2, no. Hangman to the apron again, Buckshot gets CAUGHT! Uranage by White, 1, 2, NO. Sleeper suplex by White, maintains wrist control…Blade Runner reversed, Dead Eye reversed. And Page shoves White into the referee. Dead Eye connects, but there’s no referee! Page takes his belt off and chokes White out, whipping him for good measure. JEFF JARRETT is here! He slides into the ring, takes the belt from Page, White from behind with the Sleeper Suplex! Another ref kicks Jarrett out, but Christian Cage is here! SPEAR to Jay White! Haha Cage hides on the floor, lyring prostrate by the apron so the ref can’t see him. Buckshot lariat connects, 1, 2, 3!

Winner: ‘Hangman’ Adam Page

Time: 15:41

Rating: ***3/4 – Yeah I dug that. Another great chapter in the Page/White rivalry, and all the shenanigans were kept to the closing minute and felt appropriate due to all the converging storylines. Also one of those cases where the hardway blood helped give the proceedings some added intensity.

Cage holds his trigger finger out to give Jay White the finger gun as Page celebrates on the ramp in front of the Owen Hart cup.

Just added to Dynamite this coming week – a four-way between Ishii, Pac, Fletcher, and Castagnoli. NICE! That’s it, folks, enjoy the rest of your weekend. Good night everybody!


The final score: review Very Good
The 411
I love it when Collision features what feels like some of the 'main' storylines and feuds in AEW, rather than being relegated as a 'B' show, and tonight's strong showing gave us just that. MJF explained his actions after Dynamite's cliffhanger in the opening segment, which was perfect placement, and it's great to see MJF playing to his strengths once again. The tournament semi-final between Page and White felt like a return to form for Collision main events, which haven't been as notable over the past few weeks. Not only was it a great match in itself, it furthers a number of branching story threads (BBG vs Patriarchy, Jarrett's revenge, Page vs Danielson), topping off a substantial and noteworthy show.

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