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Sami Callihan Discusses Dean Ambrose Potentially Joining Impact Wrestling

May 14, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
Jon Moxley Dean Ambrose, MJF

– Sami Callihan was a recent guest on Wrestling Inc’s WINCLY podcast. Below are highlights.

On Dean Ambrose Joining Impact: “The thing is with Moxley is that you don’t know what the hell he’s gonna do. He is the weirdest human being I’ve ever met in my life. I wouldn’t past him to do a fight with the UFC at this point. No one really knows what Jon Moxley’s gonna do. But I know if he wants to throw hands or jump into oVe, the door’s always open for him. It would be a huge get for Impact Wrestling and I don’t even know if I’d wanna him in oVe as I’d rather go toe-to-toe with him as there’s unfinished business between me and him and I wanna shut his damn mouth. It’s a weird relationship of “little brother, big brother” and it’s always the two of us striving to see who’s better. We’re both weird human beings and messed-up individuals. One day we’re gonna get back in the ring together as grown-ass adults and see who’s better.”

On His Promotion PWR: “We’re one of the most watched shows on the Highspot Wrestling Network and we drew 1,500 people WrestleMania Weekend in New York City. It’s only gonna get bigger and better from here. I know Impact watches my shows and I like to think of it as a melting pot of all the different companies. It’s the only place where you’re gonna see the top indies guys vs. Impact guys vs. guys from other companies.

On his pet peeves that other promoters do: “Other promoters sh*tting on other promoters. Like, if we’re not WWE, then we should all be working together. I hate this “us vs. them” mentality where all of these companies wanna b—h and complain about each other instead of working together and trying to have better shows … We can all have our own brands and visions of pro wrestling and give every single different fan an alternative to watch other than WWE.”

On AAW’s Danny Daniels saying he doesn’t like booking talent that work for other Chicago companies: “That’s his prerogative as a promoter. But I also understand there’s five different companies running in Chicago and some of them run in the same building. It’s a whole different animal. It’s not like he’s saying, ‘Oh, if you don’t work my show, I’m gonna blackball you.’ That’s why I’m kinda upset at some of the wrestlers and how they dealt with it because it’s their choice. They pick where they work and AAW gave them the option. They either pick to work there or they don’t. We’re independent contractors – we pick to do whatever we want.”