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Samoa Joe and CM Punk Comment on Joe’s WWE Release

April 15, 2021 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
CM Punk Samoa Joe ROH

As previously reported, WWE has thus far confirmed the releases of nine WWE Superstars today. Among them were former NXT and WWE US champion Samoa Joe, who had previously signed with the company in 2015. Joe had most recently been serving as a Raw color commentator, including at WrestleMania 37. Samoa Joe commented on his release, and he has since shared an amusing exchange via social media with former WWE Superstar CM Punk.

Following the news of today’s release, Joe tweeted a gif image of Jim Carrey taking his bow in The Truman Show with the caption, “Be well.”

Later on, Joe’s former ROH rival, CM Punk, tweeted a gif image of Dave Chappelle as Rick James from a Chappelle’s Show sketch, showing James stamping his muddy feet over the nice new couch in the Eddie and Charlie Murphy household.

Joe responded to the tweet, writing, “They really should of never gave me money.” Punk later replied, “****ed up and paid us.”

Samoa Joe and Punk never got the chance to interact in their own WWE careers. Punk exited WWE in early 2015; over a year before Joe would later join the company. During their ROH days in the 00s, these two had an epic rivalry with their trilogy of matches for the ROH World Championship.

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