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Samoa Joe Says He’s Allowed to Name Drop TNA and ROH In WWE, Talks Feuding With AJ Styles, More

May 20, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Samoa Joe Raw 4918

– Samoa Joe spoke with Sky Sports for a new interview discussing his feuds with AJ Styles, mentioning other companies in WWE and more. Highlights are below, per Wrestling Inc:

On the art of intimidation: “Intimidation is an unusual animal, it’s a lot about body language and understanding the human psyche. Knowing that usually a direct stare will crush most human souls and that’s just the basic gist of it…The soul crushing stare, the fatherly disappointment, mixed with a little bit of hate and rage, you’re on your way.”

On working with AJ Styles in ROH and TNA: “Yeah, I worked with him at a bunch of other companies other than here. No, we can, we can totally say the name, I chose not to. [laughs] Everybody says ‘Oh, you can’t say the name’ no, I don’t because I know at home you’re going to get on your message board and you’re gonna be like, ‘He didn’t say it! He didn’t say it! Just say it for me!’ I’m not saying it because you’re reacting that way and you’re a grown human being, it’s ridiculous. … You know! You already have the information, you just want me to say it again? It’s just so redundant.”

On feuding with Styles: “I relish any chance to punch AJ Styles in the face, because he’s a man I respect greatly. And I find that I want to punch people in the face that I respect greatly. [laughs] I like to say it’s an island thing, but it’s not, it’ just something that I like doing.”