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UPDATED: Samoa Joe Works Match Before Raw

June 1, 2015 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

UPDATE: PW.net has the following details on Samoa Joe’s dark match:

Samoa Joe beat Tyson Kidd. It appeared Kidd was injured during the match. Once it was over, Natalya raced to the back. Cesaro hopped into the ring very quickly. The referee threw up the x sign. Kidd was pissed leaving the ring and appeared to be holding his neck/collarbone. It was a nice surprise to see Joe. A mark out moment for this long time fan to see him live.

ORIGINAL: Samoa Joe was at the Raw taping tonight, working a match with Tyson Kidd that appears to have been taped for Superstars. There is the possibility, however, that it could have been a dark match. Joe beat Kidd with the Muscle Buster.

You can see pics from social media of the match below.