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Samuray del Sol Responds To Getting Called Out by Chris Jericho & Amanda Huber For Spelling Brodie Lee’s Name Wrong

November 4, 2021 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Samuray del Sol Aero Star AEW Dynamite

UPDATE: Samuray del Sol took to Twitter again and responded to being called out by Chris Jericho for not spelling Brodie Lee’s name right in a shoutout post.

He wrote: “My emotions got the best of me carnal.

Original: As we previously reported, Samuray del Sol (the former Kalisto in WWE) and Aerostar made their AEW Dynamite debuts last night, unsuccessfully challenging FTR for the AAA Tag Team Championships. In a post on Twitter, Samuray referenced Brodie Lee, which drew some negative attention from Chris Jericho and Amanda Huber after he spell his name wrong. Samuray spelled it ‘John’ when it’s spelled ‘Jon’.

Samuray wrote: “Prayed and talked to John(Brodie lee) before my match.. thank you for showing me your home @AEW and giving me the strength and energy I need it today forever your in my heart Hermano.

Jericho replied: “You spelled his name wrong.

Huber then replied with a gif agreeing with Jericho, then later when a fan noted that English isn’t his first language (Samuray cut promos in English as Kalisto multiple times in WWE), she said it was “no excuse” to not spell a name right if he was going to “name drop.”