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Sanders’ AEW Rampage Review 10.15.21

October 15, 2021 | Posted by Lee Sanders
Bryan Danielson AEW Rampage 10-15-21
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Sanders’ AEW Rampage Review 10.15.21  

Hello AEW fans! It’s Friday night and we have a busy night for wrestling, including an extra-sized episode of AEW Rampage! I’m Jeremy Thomas, filling in for Lee Sanders specifically for the Buy In pre-show (he’ll be back for the main show). And what a pre-show we have! Bryan Danielson will take on Minoru Suzuki, Bobby Fish will battle Lee Moriarty, and Tay Conti will face Santana Garrett. We’ve got a lot to get into, so let’s jump right in.

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We’re LIVE in Miami, Florida and our first match is Tay Conto vs. Santana Garrett.

Tay Conti vs. Santana Garrett

Lockup to star, and Santana locks in a headlock but gets shot into the ropes. Some counter wrestling, Santana hits a couple of armdrags until Conti shoves her off mid-move. Conti counters a single-leg into a waistlock and locks in a knee submission. Garrett breaks it up and hits a kneelift, then whips Tay into the corner and charges right into a boot. Conti up top, leaps over Garret and hip tosses her over. Pump kick and a cover for two.

Conti rolls Garrett up but she rolls through. Santana with a big forarm and she hits a handspring back elbow in the corner. Suplex and roll through into a pin but only for one. Garrett locks in an inverted Muta Lock, which Tay kicks out of. Garrett with a headbutt and whip into the ropes, Tay ducks and they hit a double bulldog!

Both women down, but Tay is up first. She lies in wait and runs for a pump kick by Santana dodges and rolls her up for a one-count. Garrett comes off the ropes but eats a pump kick, Conti runs in and hits another pump kick in the corner, another and then yet another! DDTay and cover for three.

Winner: Tay Conti (4:40)
Rating: **
Thoughts: Decent enough starter that gives Tay a win. It was as good as the time would allow these two.
Lee’s Thoughts: I agree with with Jeremy’s initial reactions. For the time allowed it was a nice back and fourth. Anytime I personally get to see Santana Garrett on my tv always puts a smile on my face as I’ve been a fan of hers for years. Nice to see her get more of an offense and come off star like than her time in WWE and that’s no lie.

* We then get a recap of Dan Lambert, ATT, and Men of the Year vs. the Inner Circle leading into tonight’s six-man tag team match.

Lee Moriarty vs Bobby Fish

Hey guys Lee here! Shoutout to Jeremy for filling in. Nice back and fourth between Moriarty and Fish so far. We’re under. 40 minutes away from RAMPAGE on TNT. Moriarty is delivering body shots to Fish when Fish counters when a devastong roundhouse kick. Fish goes in for the cover and only gets a near fall. Moriarty comes back with a nice arm capture suplex with pin attempt, and it’s a near fall. Fish manages to float over Moriarty looking for a standing rear chokehold. Moriarty baits Fish into the corner to shake him off. Fish comes right back with an exploder followed by a spinning back kick to the head of Moriarty to pick up the victory. Fish looking good man! Great bout as Fish picks up his first victory in AEW.

Winner: Bobby Fish
Rating: ***
Thoughts: Moriarty held himself extremely well against Fish as it was impressive. I kind of wish Moriarty picked up the victory as I’d love to seen this program continue but the right guy went over. We need more Moriarty on TV please. The kid is promising and if most folks didn’t know, they now know after tonight. I’m Im wondering were AEW is going exactly with Bobby as I have some concerns.
Video package recap shown now of Bryan Danielson and Suzuki which is coming up next.

Bryan Danielson vs Minoru Suzuki

Fans are eating this matchup as they are screaming AEW. Both men circle each other for a bit before finally locking up. The fans are chanting this is awesome as the men haven’t even done anything yet! I’m loving this! Bryan in control of Suzuki’s left arm and elbow. Both men are trading grapples for a bit as we reach stalemate. Both men circle each other again as Suzuki lures Danielson into the corner. Danielson manages to get Suzuki in a dragon screw as Suzuki quickly quickly rolls through it with a counter as Danielson quickly gets out and kicks Suzuki’s thigh. Suzuki smiles as he’s loving the action. Both men now trade off chops to the chest. Danielson kicks Suzuki in the chest while Suzuki lands open palm strikes on Danielson’s chest. Danielson takes a swinging forearm to the face as Danielson lays flat out. That needs to be part of RAMPAGE’s intro. Danielson is mad and bleeding above his forehead as he comes back with kicks to Suzuki. He tried to look for cattle mutilation on Suzuki but Suzuki quickly gets out the hold. Action goes outside the ring for a bit as both men soon get back inside. Suzuki gets Danielson’s left arm in a hammerlock and he’s being very precise on pressure points as Danielson is screaming. Action goes back outside the ring where Suzuki is smacking around Danielson. Suzuki ends up going head first into the ring post by Danielson as he follows up on a running knee strike to Suzuki from outside the ring. Back inside the ring we go as Danielson keeps delivering kicks to Suzuki’s chest. Suzuki wants more pain as he keeps getting up. Danielson gets in a series of face stomps to Suzuki, followed by the cattle mutilation. Suzuki counters the hold into a pin attempt that only gets him a two count. Danielson connects with a flying shot to the corner. Suzuki comes right back swinging with a series of kicks to Danielson’s chest. Danielson shows off his toughness but gets owned with the third kick to his chest. Suzuki only gets a near fall as both men now trade off uppercuts and forearm strikes. Suzuki gets in a fujiwar armbar as Danielson quickly gets to the ropes to break the hold. Danielson capitalizes on Suzuki being playful with the referee as he gets in the LaBelle Lock. The hold is broken as Suzuki gets a leg up on the ropes. Both men trade off forearm and palm strikes again. Insane series of strikes on each other’s faces as both men go down to the roar of the crowd. One more time both men rise to their feet and trade off strikes. Suzuki manages to get in his sleeper but Danielson counters as both men bounce off the ropes. Danielson wins the misdirect with a flying knee to the face for the victory.

Winner: Bryan Danielson (25:00)
Thoughts: This was indeed a classic matchup and dare I say a worthy MATCH OF THE YEAR CANDIDATE. It’s matches like this that reminds me why all these years later I’m still in love with pro wrestling. It’s about the magical moments and this was a magical moment. This was better than Moxley vs Suzuki as honestly the first AEW DYNAMITE encounter was meh. The second go-round when it came to the tag match was better but nothing tops what they did in NJPW. Very surprised we got a victor in this one as I was expecting shenanigans

Video package recap shown of CM PUNK vs MATT SYDAL as the BUY IN is now over


Both men meet in the middle of the ring for a handshake as soon after they lock up. Sydal takes Punk down as fans are chanting for ice cream bars. Punk gets out of the arm takedown from earlier as he’s on the offense briefly but Sydal takes Punk down with a side lock head takedown. Crucifix pin attempt made by Sydal but Punk kicks out. Punk is looking a little out of breath but is holding up well against Matt so far. Sydal gets Punk in an bow and arrow stretch as Punk manages to counter with a lateral press for only a one count. Punk does a scoop up body slam as fans scream for one more. Punk obliges and it costs him as Sydal counters it with a takedown arm drag. Flying mare done by Sydal followed by a pin attempt for a near fall. Sydal now with a series of kicks to Punk’s left leg followed by a neck crank / leg hold by Sydal. Punk finally manages to get back on offense with a dropkick followed by a cover for a count of two. Sydal with a sliding knee strike to the face of Punk. Punk with another body slam on Sydal as Sydal’s back hits the edge of the apron, ouchie! Punk gets Sydal in the ring as he connects with a senton. He goes for the cover but only gets a near fall. Punk now gets Sydal in a Tree of Woe as he misses a running strike. Sydal dodged the attack in time as Sydal and Punk are fighting on the top rope as both men spill onto the floor. Both men manage to get into the ring in time before the ref’s ten count. Sydal comes in with a big time knee to the face of Punk. He goes for the cover and gets a near fall. Punk comes right back with a neckbreaker followed by a rising knee strike. Short arm lariat is done to Sydal as he goes for a cover…it’s a two count. Sydal comes back on offense and gets a near fall. Sydal has Punk in a modified single leg crab as Punk is screaming in pain. Sydal got Punk in a straight jacket submission hold as Punk manages to get out of it and tried to apply his anaconda vice but Sydal gets out. Sydal comes in with a swinging kick to the head followed by the lighting. spiral for a two count. Sydal heads tot he top rope as he misses. Punk does an excellent transition of the counter into Go To Sleep for the victory!

Winner: CM PUNK (19:00)
Thoughts: The reintroduction of CM PUNK continues as this was an excellent match between two veterans. Punk continues to re-establish himself as one of the best in the ring and this match further strengthened that argument

Dark Order puts a challenge out to Adam Cole and Young Bucks…Okay…


Both women lock up as they are jockeying for position. The two trade slaps as they have a heated exchange. Soho gets Bunny in two armdrag takedowns. Soho gets a near fall after planting her knee to the face of Bunny. Bunny comes back with a back elbow followed by a knee lift to Ruby’s face. Bunny sends Ruby face first into the turnbuckle followed by a dropkick to Ruby’s neck. Bunny immediately goes for the cover and gets a two count as Ruby kicks out. Bunny connects with a. Sliding forearm strike to Ruby’s face as her game is to inflict pain on Ruby’s neck. During the break both women fought outside the ring as Soho was able to get Bunny in a flatliner that slowed her down for a bit. Both women are now in the ring as Soho is unleashing a fury of strikes. Bunny’s face is driven into the turnbuckle followed by a running kick to her forehead. Backdrop suplex is done on Bunny followed by a backdrop suplex, and a running shot to the back of the head. Soho goes in for the pin but Bunny kicks out. Bunny kicks Soho in the face while in the corner. She does a nasty German suplex on Soho as she goes for a cover…near fall! Bunny was looking for the rabbit hole but Soho counters with a backslide to get the victory!

Winner: RUBY SOHO (9:00)
Thoughts: Decent match as for me this was one of Bunny’s better efforts and she seemed to click well with Ruby.

Post-match Penelope Ford attacks Soho from behind and drags her back in the ring as she and Bunny tag team on Soho. Ford lays out Soho with a punch to the face that knocks Soho out. Those damn brass knuckles!

Mark Henry gets words with INNER CIRCLE, Men of the Year, and Dos Santos as the main event is next!


Sammy and Scorpio kick us off as Scorpio comes in with ugly elbow strikes. Guverra comes back with a series of strikes, few leap frogs and a pretty dropkick on Sky. Jericho gets tagged in as he clotheslines Sky. Dos Santos gets tagged in as Santos goes to the body of Jericho with devastating strikes. Dos Santos follows it up with a big boot to Jericho as Y2J tags in Hager. Hager and Santos trade off strikes for a bit as this is turning into a mma fight and I’m loving it. Scorpio Sky gets tagged back in as Jericho gets tagged in. Jericho is having words with some of the ATT guys outside the ring and is jumped from behind by Page. Back from break and Santos delivers a huge body slam on Jericho. Page gets tagged in as Jericho desperately hits a enzugrui to make the hot tag to Sammy. Sammy is coming in hot laying everyone out as Scorpio gets tagged in and is laid out as well. Jericho hits Page with a dropkick to send him crashing to the floor. Jericho goes to the top rope and connects with a double axe on Sky folllowe by the lionsault for a near fall as Page breaks the cover. Chaos has erupted everywhere as Santos and Hager are going at it. Santos driven through the timekeeper’s table by Hager. Jericho and Sky are back in the ring trading shots as Jericho gets Sky in the Walls of Jericho. Paige VanZant causes a distraction as she gets the ref’s attention as another ATT member attacks Jericho from behind to help Sky get the victory.

Winner: TOP TEAM & MEN OF THE YEAR (12:00)
Thoughts: An okay main event match. Santos clicked very well with Hager and Jericho. For the little bit that he was doing tonight I felt was okay. Could use some work in a few areas but he’s off to a decent start.

Post match Inner Circle is beaten down by ATT as Santana and Ortiz come in for the save. I thought they were La Rebellion with the face paint there for a second. RAMPAGE goes off the air on that note as Inner Circle stands tall looking on at ATT as things are just heating up.

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Excellent night for AEW fans. There’s just no way you can talk about this show without looking at the BUY IN preshow a it was a great companion to the actual episode of RAMPAGE. We got two banger classic matches involving Punk and Danielson and it’s 2021! The rest of the matches were very complimentary centered around these two important matches and was executed well. This felt like a special and memorable episode of RAMPAGE and the most energized I’ve felt for the show in recent weeks. Competition only brings out the best in one another and what WWE and AEW did with one another this week was very healthy. Really wish people would stop with the bickering and back and fourth on promotion put downs. When completion is this good the pro wrestling industry wins, websites, vloggers, podcasters, and most importantly the fans win. Something to think about…

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