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Sanders’ AEW Rampage Review 11.19.21

November 19, 2021 | Posted by Lee Sanders
AEW Rampage Adam Cole 11-19-21
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Sanders’ AEW Rampage Review 11.19.21  

Happy TGIF everybody! Lee Sanders here! We’re fresh off of the heels of AEW FULL GEAR! Tonight sees week one fallout conclusion of the ppv with AEW RAMPAGE! Tonight’s matches had some solid chemistry and then some.

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Location: Chartway Arena, Virginia
Commentators: Excalibur, Ricky Starks, Chris Jericho, and Taz

MATCH 1: Darby Allin vs Billy Gunn

Talk about a huge size difference as Darby looks like he has no business being in the ring with Billy Gunn. Fans chanted for Billy to show his ass and he teased them only a bit as he’s out-maneuvering Darby with pure strength so far in the opening seconds. Darby comes in with speed and a dropkick but it’s no match for Billy as he sends him outside the ring. Billy and Sting meet eye to eye a Sting isn’t backing down. Billy returns to the ring as he’s stomping on Darby. Billy goes outside the ring and yanks Darby outside as Darby is taking a beating. Darby tries to get in a little bit of speed to throw off Billy, followed by a high risk maneuver between the ropes. Billy quickly sidesteps as Darby crashes outside the ring again. During the picture and picture break Billy stayed on offense as the action is back in the ring. Darby is setup on top of the ropes as Darby and Billy go back and fourth. Darby finds an opening by biting on Billy to send him away for a bit. Darby does a Coffin Drop outside the ring to crash into Billy’s kids. Billy receives a stunner by Darby followed by Code Red. Darby is feeling it as he goes to the top and connects with the Coffin Drop not once but twice as the second go-round he’s able to win via pinfall.

Post-match Billy’s kids attack Darby as Sting gets in to help and clean house. Billy starts tagging on Sting with heavy punches to leave him laid out as Darby and Sting are laid out.

Winner:Darby Allin (8:52)
Rating: *
Thoughts: Billy Gunn owns Darby for a majority of the match and Darby who weights like 145 pounds beats him with a Coffin Drop? Sorry that was just behind lame for me as the psychology was there to pull off something smart and special in having Darby win but nope! Not here!

Recap of CM Punk and MJF from DYNAMITE is shown. Tony Schiavone is with QT Marshall who wants to challenge CM Punk to a match this Wednesday.

Recap of Inner Circle vs Men of the Year and Top Team from FULL GEAR is shown. Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page appear next to tell Inner Circle they are not done yet as they are just getting started. Jericho comments afterwards saying if they want some more they’ll be waiting.

MATCH 2: Red Velvet vs Jade Cargill-quarterfinals match for the AEW TBS Title Tournament

Both girls come out slugging at one another! Jade pushes Velvet off of her as Velvet doesn’t let up and charges at her. Nice series of counters as Velvet connects with a pretty spin kick. Velvet charges into Jade looking for a crossbody but Jade catches her and turns it into a standing throwaway slam. Velvet gets caught up in the ropes as Velvet is slapped silly across the face by Jade. Nasty palm strikes by Jade as she connects with a rock bottom on Velvet on the hardest part of the apron on the edges of the ring. Back from commercial as Jade is tossing Velvet around like a rag doll. Velvet manages to get in a few takedowns and a bulldog followed by a slap to Jade. Velvet follows up with a double knee strike to the spine. Velvet tried charging at Jade but misses as Jade catches her with a pump kick to the face! Jade gets Velvet in the Jaded but Velvet counters with a roll up backslide and gets a near fall. Velvet charges at Jade and connects with a spear for a two count. Velvet tried looking for the Final Slice but Jade counters with Jaded for the victory!

Winner: Jade Cargill (11:00)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: I just love the chemistry between Jade and Velvet. This really could’ve gone either way but the money right now is on Jade Cargill. Jade continues to get better in the ring week in and week out. I’m very proud of her continued development. Velvet continues to shine in the opportunities presented to her and after this I hope we don’t see her drop off from television. There’s loads of girls you can have her mix it up with. I’m looking at you Bunny!

Thunder Rosa talks about beating Stooge 1 (I guess Rebel) as she has no problem beating Stooge 2 (Jamie Hayter) in their TBS quarterfinal match next week. CM Punk and QT Marshall for DYNAMITE has been made official by Tony Khan. Tony Schiavone is with CM Punk who tells QT to go ahead and show up, bring his bad attitude and all as he feels QT is biting more than he can chew. Wednesday they will find out who the real turkey is going to be on DYNAMITE. Recap of Danielson and Hangman Page from DYNAMITE is shown. Next Friday Eddie Kingston vs Daniel Garcia is official. And…AEW Winter is Coming on Wednesday December 15th.

Mark Henry gets pre-match words from Adam Cole, Fish and Bucks as well as Christian and Jurassic Express.

MATCH 3: Adam Cole & Bobby Fish vs Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus

Cole and Jungle Boy lockup. Nice opener as both men are displaying an excellent series of counters. Cole tags in Fish as Fish, the veteran ia having his way with Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy coming back with a nice chop and armdrag. Luchasaurus is tagged in who gives a nasty chop to Fish to send Fish down on the canvas. Scoop slam by Luchasaurus as Jungle Boy connects with a Senton from the top rope and over Luchasaurus. Fish pulls the referee to him and tells her he has something in his eye. A nice distraction as Cole takes advantage with a knee to the back of Jungle Boy. Fish delivers a strong kick to the abdominal region of Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy comes back with thunderous lariat as he crawls to Luchasaurus. Fish manages to tag in Adam Cole as Jungle Boy manages to get in the hot tag to Luchasaurus. He is on a hot streak as he’s delivering elbow strokes and double clotheslines to Fish & Cole. Luchasaurus tries to look for a double chokeslam but Fish kicks Luchasaurus. Great double team action as Jungle Boy gets in with a double team effort to deliver a near fall after a Diamond Cutter attempt by him and Luchasaurus. Jungle Boy now lighting up Fish with chops. Cole superkicks Jungle Boy as as Fish superkicks Luchasaurus who’s standing outside the ring. Cole & Fish plant Jungle Boy with a combination shot as they get only a near fall. Cole tries looking for The Boom but Jungle Boy counters looking for the Snaretrap but Cole quickly counters as both exchanges shots. Jungle Boy tried looking for something off the ropes but Cole plants him with a superkick. Cole tries looking for Panama Sunrise but he lands into he hands of Luchasaurus who delivers a powerbomb. Jungle Boy comes in with an attack to the back of the head and goes for the cover. It’s broken up by Bobby Fish who drags in Cole to his corner so he can tag himself in. Fish is delivering round kicks and dragon screws to Jungle Boy. Fish charges at Jungle Boy but Jungle Boy plants him with an exploder. Young Bucks come down to ringside as Jungle Boy looks on puzzled. Luchasaurus looks on as Christian comes out chasing them with a steel chair. Cole is walking with the Bucks as Jungle Boy gets Fish in the Snaretrap to make Fish tap out!

Winners: Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus (10:00)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: A nice and fun main event that showcased solid action from all participants. This match to me was really all about showcasing Jungle Boy who meshed so well with Adam Cole as we’ve seen these past few weeks. Jungle Boy and Bobby Fish’s chemistry tonight was exceptionally good as Jungle Boy is proving that he can adapt to any style and form of in-ring storytelling. At the rate Mungle Boy is going we just may see him challenge again for the TNT championship or the AEW World championship.

End of Show

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The 411
Not too shabby of an episode this week. The one thing that stands out to me tonight that was a constant theme for all the matches was chemistry. Chemistry was there in all the matches featuring all the wrestlers who performed. When you have good chemistry, you have great storytelling. With the exception of the opener, tonight’s card was rather decent. This wasn’t a must-see episode however as it felt more like this episode was all about building up the Thanksgiving Eve DYNAMITE episode and Black Friday RAMPAGE. Adam Cole leaving his wingman in Bobby Fish hanging in the main event leaves me wondering how long this Undisputed reunion (if you wanna even call it that) last all things considered. The TBS finals seems to be shaping up quite nicely as it appears Nyla Rose and Jade Cargill will eventually collide, which should be good. Cargill all the way baby!

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