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Saraya Would Like to See AEW Create Women’s Tag Team Titles

February 7, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Saraya AEW DYnamite Image Credit: Lee South/AEW

Saraya says she’d like to see AEW institute Women’s Tag Team Championships. The AEW star recently spoke with KTAR and, when asked what the next step for the women’s division is, said that she’d like to see it made even bigger with Women’s Tag Titles.

“AEW is doing really well putting multiple female matches on the shows,” she said (per Fightful). “We can keep doing that. We can start building the division even bigger. Introduce female tag team championships. Right now, we have two championships. We can do tag teams. There are tag teams there. We can build the division as something huge and something just as big as the guys. The guys have the trios championships, the tag championships. They have all these championships, and it would be just really nice, as women, if we could have just an extra one.”

She continued, “I’m not saying we should be overloaded with championships, it’d be too much at that point, but adding a tag championship could spice things up in the division and gives a lot of the women something to chase other than the two championships.”

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