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Sasha Banks to Lacey Evans: ‘We’ll Show Your Kid What a True Leader and Role Model Looks Like’

December 7, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Sasha Banks WWE Raw 8-26-19

– During last night’s Smackdown, Sasha Banks made things personal in her feud with Lacey Evans, calling Evans’ daughter a “bratty little six-year-old” and saying Evans was a “terrible role model” to her daughter. Lacey Evans didn’t take kindly to Sasha Banks remarks. Following Smackdown, she responded to Banks.

Evans wrote on Banks, “Imagine feeling so inadequate you have to get a partner to make you feel successful within a career. Imagine being such a threat they know it takes both to come after you. Then, imagine running your mouth about my kid.”

Banks later shared a photo with her and Evans’ daughter. Per the caption, “Don’t worry, we’ll show your kid what a true leader and role model looks like. #TheStandard” You can check out that Twitter exchange below.