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Scorpio Sky Addresses the AEW and WCW Comparisons, Feels Like a Kid Again in AEW

December 8, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Scorpio Sky AEW All Out

WrestlingInc.com recently interviewed AEW star and tag team champion Scorpio Sky for the WINCLy podcast. Scorpio sky discussed comparisons between AEW and WCW and more. Below are some highlights.

Scorpio Sky on the AEW coaches he works with: “Honestly, they’re all great. Lately I’ve had Dean Malenko over the last 3-5 weeks and I’ve really enjoyed working with him because I was a huge fan of him in WCW and WWE. He’s always had a unique mind and is able to come up with compelling stories. I sat next to him on two flights recently and was able to pick his brain a bit and talk to him. So, he’s definitely one I really enjoy getting to work with.”

Sky on feeling like a kid again: “There’s so many experienced guys there and I’m in my 17th year but I feel like a kid again. I feel like I’m in my first year and am picking up so many new things that a lot of guys in my generation don’t have because the business has changed. So, I think there’s a way that old school and new school can blend together.”

His thoughts on the AEW and WCW comparisons: “I can see the comparisons, in a way, as you can always make comparisons. I can make comparisons between WWE and WCW to be honest. The fact we’re on TNT and have faces like Tony Schiavone then it’s an easy comparison. Then being a big brand company and starting from scratch because WCW came from the NWA. There’s never been a wrestling company that started from scratch at this level. This is a historic time in wrestling and there will be books and docs in the next 5, 10, 15 years from now. Hopefully we’re still going by then and I can be a big part of it.”

Sky on Bash at the Beach in AEW: “The Bash at the Beach was one of if not my favorite PPVs back in the WCW days. I know Starrcade was their big show but Bash at the Beach was always a stacked show as they had Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman. They would bring out the big guns and that’s when Hogan changed over to the NWO. Now here we are 25 years later and it’s returning under the AEW banner and I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun. I’m interested to see what the stage and the broadcast are gonna look like. Are we gonna have palm trees or be poolside? I’m really excited to see it.”

His thoughts on the ratings: “It’s a romantic type of thing – the Wednesday Night Wars flashing back to the Monday Night Wars – but its so different now. It’s not guys competing for life and death and trying to put the other company out of business as it was back then. I think the most places to work, the better. If you look at our company, a lot of guys, including myself, have been on the outside of a big company because there was a lack of work and because there were opportunities that were just not there. Now there’s two big companies and a few smaller companies and there’s places to go. Now we’re able to see more talent and it’s great for the fans. The boys are getting taken care of better and this is exactly what the wrestling business needs.”

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