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Scorpio Sky on Altering His In-Ring Style & Cutting Back on Dives, Thinking About Differing His Style

November 4, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Scorpio Sky AEW All Out

Fightful recently interviewed AEW star and former tag team champion Scorpio Sky, who discussed his career, competing in MMA, his in-ring style, and more. Below are some highlights.

Scorpio Sky on his fights in MMA: “Even before I fought, I was always a fan of mixed martial arts. Whether it was leg kicks, certain types of strikes or evading strikes. Even in 2003, I was using a triangle choke as a finishing move. People didn’t even know what the triangle choke was back then,” Sky said, explaining that a few times he’d actually show announcers how it worked. “Muay thai knee strikes, and other knee strikes. I’ve kind of gotten away from it because everyone is doing it. You see triangle chokes and head kicks, and knee strikes specifically. Everybody’s doing knee strikes.”

On thinking about how he can be different in the ring: “I’m always trying to think about how to be different. It goes back to why I started to do MMA stuff in my matches. I was watching PWG about two years in, I wasn’t booked on it, I was just watching it. Every match was kind of similar except one guy named Scott Lost. He was far before his time. He was the only one to me that stood out that day because he did different things. The way he moved was different. That changed my mindset for the rest of my career.”

Scorpio Sky on tweaking his style and cutting back on dives: “I’ll watch the shows I’m on and I’ll think how I can be different. Even when it comes to dives. You see a lot of dives in wrestling these days. I did a dive in a tag team match with FTR, but before that I hadn’t done a dive in about six months. Everyone was doing dives, let me try to get away from that. Everyone’s on the apron or the floor, let me try to keep my matches in the ring. Just to be different. I went to an MMA style because nobody was doing that. Over the last several years, people have started to do a lot of MMA stuff, so I’ve kind of circled around it. Now there’s a lot of flipping and aerial wrestling. There’s no way I can do that as well as Fenix, so I’m not even going to try to do it. I went back to my roots and started to watch Bret Hart matches. Let’s be a really technically sound base, we’re not getting a lot of that these days.”

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