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Sean Waltman, Lance Storm Push Back On Kane Statement About Gun Control

June 8, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Kane WWE Hall of Fame Image Credit: WWE

Kane recently weighed in on the topic of gun control following the Uvalde and Buffalo shootings (among others), and his comment drew pushback from Sean Waltman and Lance Storm. As you likely know, the topic of gun violence is back atop people’s minds after a spate of shootings including Uvalde, Texas and Buffalo, New York. Kane, who is the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, posted to Twitter to express opposition to the idea of increased gun control legislation, writing:

“Every violent death is a tragedy. That said, the mainstream media would have you believe that America is the land of gun violence and mass shootings when, in fact, as Hannah D. Cox points out, our per capita rates of gun deaths are actually much lower than many other countries.”

Kane’s comments drew opposition from Waltman, who is a friend and former tag team partner of the WWE Hall of Famer. He wrote:

“Breaks my heart reading this s**t from you. Wtf man?!”

Storm also weighed in, writing:

“So you’re saying all of these deaths, including the 19 kids in Uvalde are at an acceptable rate of tragedy, and nothing needs to be done?”