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Sean Waltman Recalls Helping Convince the Carters To Buy TNA, Talks Jerry Jarrett First Reaching Out

September 14, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Sean Waltman

– On the latest X-Pac 1230, Sean Waltman discussed his time in TNA including the early years, when he helped convince the Carter family to buy the company. TNA was founded by Jeff and Jerry Jarrett and had lined up financing, but when the financiers began having troubles of their own the company got the Carters and their Panda Energy company to buy it. Waltman recalled that Jarrett asked him and Scott Hall to convince the family to buy the company.

Highlights from the discussion and the full video are below:

On when Jerry Jarrett first reached out to him about TNA: “I can’t remember when it was exactly that Jerry Jarrett reached out to me. But I was still with WWE, and I was out hurt. It might have been late 2001, or early — no, it was 2002. And Scott and Kev just came back to work for Vince, doing the nWo thing, and I was out recuperating from [a] neck injury. And Jerry reached out to me. And he laid out the whole idea and the whole plan. I just told Jerry at the time, ‘I’m still, you know, I’m under contract, and I’m probably going to go back into this stop storyline, the nWo, so we’ll see how that goes.’ I didn’t really think about leaving at the time, but it was cool that Jerry reached out to me.

And then in July of that same year, after the nWo thing played itself out and Scott ended up getting sent home and Kev blew his quad out. And Vince was, you know, he f**king threw his hands up in the air with the nWo thing, and he just wasn’t happy with any of it. A situation happened with me … I ended up leaving in July. But when I did finally get to my release, I’d kind of had a little bit of an agreement with Jerry, just tentatively. He kind of laid out what they would pay me and everything. It was pretty good money. It was like six grand a show, and the whole idea was, a Wednesday PPV. And I mean, the concept was good, and it was gonna be a cheap PPV, like $5 or $10.”

Sean Waltman on helping convince the Carters to buy TNA: “One of those [early] shows, like I think that first one [he was on], is where Jerry Jarrett, he came up to me and Scott and he’s like, ‘Hey, please will you talk to these people, you know we’re trying to get them to invest.’ And Scott and I we talked to the Carters. And Dixie’s brother actually told me that we were the reason, Scott and I, we’re the ones that talked them into buying TNA… we just talked about our love for wrestling and the need for competition.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit X-Pac 12360 with a h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.