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Sean Waltman Says His Wrestling Career Is Not Over

April 21, 2017 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Sean Waltman

In an interview with the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, Sean Waltman said that his wrestling career is not over and promised some big things on the horizon. Here are highlights:

On his role in the Monday Night War: “You know with all these things, it’s being in the right place at the right time too and everything was just that I had some very good timing in my career. Being brought in on the 123 Kid angle. Somebody of my size, age and all that but can you imagine a better way to come in than that? Being able to go and be a part of the nWo at that time it was all these things and even getting to come back (to WWE). It’s not just luck but it has been a lot of good fortune and hard work.”

On his wrestling career: “I’ve had an amazing career. I’m not going to look back at those several years like I said (earlier) where I was wandering around in the darkness but it is not over. I’m slowing down for strategic reasons as far as the amount of matches I’m doing. I’m far from over…trust me because there is going to be bigger things just wait.”

On reuniting with Hall and Nash at wrestling events: “Just in general when any of us are at work and it is hard to call it work but when we are there that is when we are really at our best. When you put us all together it is a synergistic effect. It is special for us and it seems to special for the fans because they keep coming to see us. It is really fun. I don’t mean to sound corny but it is the truth.”

On his relationship with Eric Bischoff: “Eric is one of my favorite people to see when I am out doing things. When I am out on the road and at events like at the Hall of Fame ceremony at WrestleMania this year or “cons” or where we will all be this weekend “The Icons of Wrestling” the people who are coming to see us obviously know the history we have. We weren’t each other’s favorite people at one time and now he is legit a frickin’ blast. He is a really cool guy. I can’t say enough good about the guy and I hope I’m not hurting his gimmick. Should we pretend like we still have heat? Will that make it better for the people or will there be some more intrigue?”

On if the nWo ever considered invading ECW: “Philly is one of the main capitals of professional wrestling in the world. Actually, it arguably might be the capital. I guarantee you the people of Philly would think that. You know where you stand with those people and if you are not all in with everything you got than they are going to let you know. I like performing and being around people like that. Back then when the whole ECW thing was going on I don’t know what the hell we were doing. I think we may have been in DX by then actually. But some people would ask what we thought of that (the bWo) and how do you guys feel about it? We loved that. Anytime somebody is going out of there way to impersonate you even if it is they are making fun of you to me that is cool.”

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