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Second Set of TNA House Show Results 01.23.13 – Glasgow, Scotland

January 23, 2013 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Credit: Daniel Brown & PW Torch

Hard to judge the crowd size, but it was probably two-thirds full, so about 2,000 in attendance.

(1) TNA tag champions Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez beat Daniels & Kazarian to retain the Tag Titles. The challengers came out in Scottish wigs, hats, kilts, and facepaints in order to run down Scotland. Standard tag match with the face champs winning.

(2) Marty Scurll beat Rockstar Spud in a British Bootcamp Battle. I thought the finishing sequence was tremendous. The crowd didn’t really get behind Marty, playing the face, but he’s from England. If Spud were eight inches taller, TNA would be able to print money with this man. He might still be able to get it done anyway.

(3) Blossom Twins beat KO champion Tara & Gail Kim with Velvet Sky as special referee. Blossoms did a really nice job of building to a hot tag and getting crowd behind them. I think they would be a be a great fit in the Knockouts division. For the finish, Gail hit Eat Defeat, but Gail and Tara argued over who should get the pin. “Twin Magic” led to an inside cradle for the win.

(4) X Division champion Rob Van Dam beat Zema Ion to retain the X Division Title. RVD, who was quite over, did some very funny stuff like getting hold of Zema’s hairspray and using it on ref Earl Hebner, himself, and some front row fans, including a bald guy, which drew a big laugh. Standard RVD match.


(5) Austin Aries beat Bobby Roode and James Storm in a three-way match. Fun match. As you would expect, Aries and Roode were sort of teaming, sort of bickering.

Magnus came out and said he would like to say how great it is to be back…except he can’t because this is Scotland. (Boo!) He whined about Scotland in general (big heat) and picked out a Granny that was pictured at a TNA event last year. (She went for Bully Ray in Manchester last year.) This year, Bully came out to defend her honor. Ray said that Dixie Carter agreed to lift his suspension for one night.

(6) Bully Ray beat Magnus in a No DQ match. Bully quickly used the old lady’s cane as a weapon. Magnus then took control, but but Bully “Hulked Up” and put Magnus through a table for the pin.

[Intermission while they set up the cage for the main event. This took about 20 minutes.]

(7) Kurt Angle & Sting beat Aces & Eights (TV champion Devon & D.O.C.) in a steel cage match. A&E came down the aisle, not through the crowd or anything. Sting came out, then Angle, but A&E trapped Sting in the cage. Eventually, Angle got in. A big A&E guy (it looked pretty obvious that it was D-Lo Brown), came in with the hammer. After he used, Sting retrieved it, battered everyone, and got the pin. Devon, D.O.C., and Knox sold being unhappy with Masked Man, threatened to de-mask him, but then decided to hug instead. Huh? Overall, just like Dublin on Monday, the match was quite short and very dull. Not at all worth the wait or the hype for a cage match.

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