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Second Set of WWE House Show Results 8.06.15: Brisbane, Australia

August 6, 2015 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Thanks to 411 reader Wally for sending these in.

* Just got back from the Brisbane show and wanted to pass results. The building was pretty full; I’m not sure how many the arena could hold but maybe around 8,000

* HBK came out to open the show and announced that the Main Event between Ambrose and Rollins would be a Brisbane Street Fight.

* In the opener Balor beat Neville with the coup de grace to retain the NXT Championship. An amazing match to kick things of with both men getting most of their moves in. Neville was quite over with Balor receiving few cheers.

* Fandango beat Adam Rose with a sit-out suplex slam. It was the comedic match of the night.

* Luke Harper beat R-Truth with the discuss clothesline.

* In a pretty good match Randy Orton beat King Barrett with the RKO. In the funny moment of the night Barrett slipped and almost fell while cutting his promo on the way to the ring.

* After intermission, Bo Dallas came out and did a promo on following your dreams and that he had reached his, while the crowd didn’t. HBK came out a delivered sweet chin music to end Bo’s night.

* Nattie and the home-country favorite Emma beat the Bella twins when Emma rolled of Brie.

* In the match of the night Cesaro submitted Owens after a giant swing into the sharpshooter. Seeing Owens hitting the fisherman’s buster off the top rope was awesome.

* In the main-event Rollins beat Ambrose with powder into the eyes/pedigree combo to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The streetlight lived up to it’s height with Rollins’ belt, chairs, a kendo stick, and tables involved. In the end Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds to send the crowd home happy.

Biggest Pops
1. Ambrose
2. Orton
3. HBK
4. Cesaro
5. Neville

Most Heat
1. Rollins
2. Owens
3. Barret
4. Dallas
5. Harper

* This was my first match since moving to Australia 4 years ago and it delivered. The NXT Championship, Cesaro/Owens/ and Main Event all received “This is awesome chant’s”. One thing I did notice is that their seemed to be less Smarks in the crowd as compared to U.S. audiences .

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