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Seth Rollins Challenges CM Punk to WrestleMania Match, Says Punk Has Been In the ‘Doldrums’ Since Getting His Butt Kicked in UFC

November 22, 2019 | Posted by Ashish
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Seth Rollins was on 101WKQX to promote Survivor Series this weekend and ended up cutting what was basically a promo on CM Punk, inviting him to a fight. He also said that NXT being on RAW and Smackdown as much as it has been might be “overkill.” Highlights are below.

On CM Punk saying that Seth Rollins should stop tweeting: “It’s a good bit of banter back and forth. The bottomline is, the funny thing is, for me, for a guy telling me that I need to look for relevancy, here’s someone who has been in the doldrums for the last few years because he got his butt kicked in the Octagon so bad that he didn’t want to show his face anywhere. Now he shows back up on a WWE show, it’s called WWE Backstage, you can say it’s an FS1 show all you want, which it is, and you might be paid by FOX, but that show doesn’t exist without our company, the company that you left five years ago. So, say whatever you want, play it however you want, that’s what Punk always does, but at the end of the day, if he wants to come on our show and run his mouth about me and a company he’s had no part of for the last five years, then of course I’m going to stand up for us. This is a place that has given me everything that I’ve ever wanted in my life, not only for me, but it’s provided me a living for my family, for people that I love, that I care about, and of course I’m going to have its back. I’m not going to let you push it around and push me around and act like you’re so cool. You couldn’t bust a cherry in a fruit fight, dude. So I want to make some money. So if CM Punk wants to talk all the smack in the world, I’ve invited him a million times to now come to my ring, to my domain, on live television, where you can’t hide behind anything, no desk in L.A. come, let’s do this thing, let’s fight, let’s fight it out like men.”

On where he’d like to wrestle CM Punk: “To me, we’re in his backyard, right? Literally, we could probably get to his house in like 10 minutes. I don’t know where he lives but we could probably get there pretty quick. He knows where I’m gonna be Sunday, and Monday, and maybe Saturday, maybe Friday, who knows. He knows for sure where I’m going to be on Sunday and Monday, so maybe he’s hiding out in L.A., waiting to sit behind his little desk, or maybe he’s a little keyboard warriorish too, who knows, I don’t know what he’s up to. Bottomline is, wherever, whenever he wants to do the thing, if he wants to man up and do it, I’m there. For me, the only place the match happens is WrestleMania in the main event because that’s the only reason I’m picking a fight with him. I got no other interest than that. So if he’s interested, it’s out there. Anytime you’re ready, let’s go.”

On how he feels about NXT being included with RAW and Smackdown in the build to Survivor Series: “NXT is a favorite child, obviously, so they are getting the royal treatment right now, but they’re stepping up to the plate. They got a ton of really talented guys and girls down there and they’ve been making waves and they’ve earned their spot and they’ve gotten a television show on USA Network on Wednesday nights, basically on their own. Building it from grass roots from where we were nine years ago when we started that thing, or whatever, seven years ago at this point. So they’re doing well. It certainly added an element of chaos, I know there are a lot more bodies to go around. It feels like every show, it’s unpredictable, you never know when something is going to happen. Is it overkill? Maybe. But it’s been a fun couple of weeks at the very least.”

If using any of the above quotes, please credit 101WKQX with an h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.

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