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Seth Rollins Handpicked Dominik Mysterio For Summerslam Match

August 20, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee

ESPN has a new story about Dominik Mysterio and his in-ring debut this Sunday at Summerslam, and the article reveals that Seth Rollins chose Dominik as his Summerslam opponent when discussing a possible match with WWE officials. Here are highlights:

Rollins on picking Dominik: “Everyone was kind of leaning towards the idea of Dominik. I didn’t even think twice about it. I think it’s a sign of good faith that the company, the people in charge, felt like I was capable of giving this kid his first match on a huge platform.”

Rollins on Dominik’s hard work: “Did he get the opportunity because he happened to be born to Rey Mysterio? Yes, but has he knocked it out of the park every week since he’s been given the chance? Yes, he has. I’m a guy that’s had a completely different story from Dominik. I had many matches for years before I got opportunities to make a dime wrestling or work in front of a crowd or a big stage. If anybody should have ill will towards Dominik for being handed this opportunity, quote unquote, it would be me. But I don’t. Everybody’s got a different path. He is not taking that lightly. He’s making the most of the opportunities that have been given to him.”

Rey on how fast his son took to wrestling: “I spotted right away that he was picking it up pretty fast. Not only myself, but Konnan as well. He would tell me pretty much every other third roll or third bump, ‘Man, he’s a natural, bro. He’s picking it up really fast.’ It’s something that really surprised us, and didn’t, because he’s been around it from the outside. He’s been seeing this his whole life, but to be in there is completely different.”

Rey on who trained Dominik: “I did the first two months, just the fundamentals and the basics. I saw how at times he would get frustrated with me and I would get frustrated with him. I thought it would be best for him to start training with somebody else.”

Lance Storm on how well Dominik did: “Almost every class, you can divide them into thirds. There’s people who struggle that you don’t think have much of a chance. There’s the large group in the middle; they’re doing OK. And then there’s those that you go, ‘OK, these guys have an aptitude; there’s a chance they could do well in this job.’ I definitely would put Dom in that third group. If anyone is looking for a referral or anything more than ‘He’s Rey’s kid,’ I would tell them he went through the same paces as everybody else. He never bitched and took his bumps and paid his dues.”

Storm on what he told him about second-generation wrestlers: “I gave him the warning that I give all the second-generation [kids] that have come through here. You are gonna have a portion of the audience that are going to bury you and criticize you and tell you that you’re not your dad and you’ve been handed everything. Ignore those. You will have a bunch of people that tell you how great you are and how wonderful you are and how they always knew you were gonna be a star. Ignore those. Listen to the people that you trust.”

Dominik on people who say he didn’t earn his opportunity: “There’s always gonna be people talking. They all have their own opinions, but at the end of the day they don’t know all the hard work that I’ve genuinely put in. At the end of the day, my hard work is gonna speak for itself.”

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