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WWE News: Seth Rollins Responds To CM Punk, Total Divas Highlight Videos, Punk Talks About Using Swear Words

November 20, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Seth Rollins WWE Money in the Bank

– During last night’s episode of WWE Backstage, CM Punk was asked about Seth Rollins tweeting about a possible match between the two. Rollins has twice before now told Punk to fight him. During an interview with Renee Young, Punk told Rollins to “stop tweeting” when asked about advice for his career.

In a post on Twitter, Rollins responded to what Punk had to say. He wrote: “HELL of a “response.” 🙄. Coward.

– Speaking of Punk, he used the word “s**t” on the episode last night, and he commented about that in a video on Twitter.

He said: “I don’t know if I have a job anymore. Apparently you can’t swear, apparently you can’t do a few things…but I feel great! Because I got to be myself and I got to be brutally honest, and that’s what it is and that’s what this show is gonna be.

– Here are highlights from last night’s episode of Total Divas: