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Seth Rollins Says He Finally Got The Match He Wanted Out Of Brock Lesnar At Last Year’s Summerslam

August 14, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
SummerSlam Seth Rollins Brock Lesnar Image Credit: WWE

In an interview with BT Sport, Seth Rollins spoke about the match he had with Brock Lesnar at last year’s Summerslam and how he finally got the match he wanted out of him.

He said: “Oh, man. I’ve had some real bangers there. To be honest with you, any time you beat John Cena with the help of John Stewart, that’s pretty sick. I think that myself and Ambrose, Jon Moxley, had maybe one of the greatest lumberjack matches in the history of lumberjack matches at Summerslam the year prior. But, I finally got the match I wanted out to have out of Brock Lesnar last year at Summerslam. That’s the one I’ve been jonesing for since I got put in the situation to work with Brock. My back was up against the wall. I went into Toronto and started to get some strong backlash from our hardcore audience and ended up turning them during the course of the match, and beat Brock in a real hell of a fight, just a real hell of a fight that I thought was awesome. That one was tough so I might have to go with that one, to be honest with you.

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