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Seth Rollins Says The Wild Card Rule ‘Muddled Things Up,’ Talks Bray Wyatt’s Return

July 19, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Seth Rollins’ Seth Rollins WWE Raw 21218

– Seth Rollins spoke with Newsweek for a new interview discussing Monday’s Raw reunion, the Wild Card Rule and more. You can check out some highlights below:

On being part of Raw Reunion: “It’s great, dude. It’s great to walk around the locker room and there’s Hulk Hogan. Or you go into the bathroom and see Shawn Michaels washing his hands. You go to catering and have a meal with Stone Cold Steve Austin and be able to sit down and pick his brain. It’s a special thing and it’s cool to pay tribute to these guys and girls who paved the way for us to do what we love to do on a daily basis.”

On Brock Lesnar appearing on Monday: “If he’s there, he’s there. You never know when he’s going to show up. That’s the problem with him and the major difference between him and Seth Rollins. I’m here every single Monday no matter what, whether I’m sick, hurt, tired whether I’m broken. I’ll be there on crutches or in a wheelchair. Brock Lesnar shows up when Brock Lesnar feels like showing up. I’m not concerned with him showing up on Monday, I just need him to show up at SummerSlam in Toronto to take that title back.”

on Paul Heyman’s new role in charge of Raw: “It’s nice to have people like him and Eric Bischoff in creative roles, guys that are super influential. I think it’s one of those things, that, if you want to look to the future you’ll want to look at the past and find good examples. We have done a great job of collecting a lot of great minds over the last several years. Especially this past year, we have Bruce Prichard back there, Jeff Jarrett back there as well. We’re adding Paul and Eric to the mix. There’s a lot of information and brain power in the creative department so it’ll be cool to see where things go from here.”

On what Heyman will bring to Raw: “One thing about Paul, and it’s still true to this day, is that he’s not afraid to take risks. He’s good at taking a lot of things about the talent that people may see as weakness and turn them into strengths. The way he sees talent is different than other people in the creative side. So you combine that with the ability, and willingness, to take risks that other people aren’t it adds for an exciting and unpredictable three hours of RAW. And so I’m looking to see the crazy left and right turns that he’ll take us moving forward.”

On his match alongside Becky Lynch at Extreme Rules: “It was awesome. You saw how much fun we had out there. Becky can hold her own especially with Lacey. So I wasn’t worried about that at all. She’s as tough as they come, tougher than me in a lot of ways. It was a blast to be out there with her, to hear the crowd response to her and the two of us together and just take a kendo stick or chair to Lacey was a lot of fun. I loved it. I had a great time.”

On if he enjoys seeing stars cross brands with the Wild Card rule: “Maybe? The Wild Card really muddled things up, to be honest with you. Now you’re seeing those guys every single week. It used to feel special when I see the New Day but now they’re eating pancakes backstage every chance they get on Monday and I’m not a fan of that. But no, it’s great that there’s so much talent across both brands. I think once you see the move to Fox it’s really going to tighten down as far as best Wild Card options and stuff like. It’s really cool to see things come together now and get these cool match ups you might not get in October or November.”

On Bray Wyatt’s return: “”It’s great to see him back, man. He’s a guy with a ton of creative talent, obviously. Look what he’s done with the Firefly Fun House. It’s cool to see him back on the screen, but obviously the response from the live crowd was incredible and the reaction on social as well. Easily the highest, most liked photo and video of the week for both shows. Having him back is a coup man, it’s going to make Monday Night RAW that much more interesting … I’m really curious to see where it goes. It’ll be interesting to see how it translates into wrestling matches. That’s always my concern when you look at characters that are a bit off the wall like that. How does it translate to being a performer and when does the act get old or tired. I have never been that guy, that weird type of personality. I’ve always been me. So I find it easy to connect with an audience but I’m curious to see how Bray Wyatt connects with the audience on a regular basis. I’m looking forward to it, first night was a home run so let’s see where it goes from here.”