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Seth Rollins Discusses the Fan Reaction to His Reunion With Dean Ambrose and Meeting Chris Jericho When He Was 16

September 23, 2017 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
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TV Insider recently interviewed WWE Raw tag team champion Seth Rollins. Below are some highlights.

Seth Rollins on being bad at meeting wrestlers and meeting Chris Jericho for the first time: “I was really bad at meeting wrestlers. I lived in a small town in Iowa. We didn’t have shows very often, so I didn’t get to meet many of the guys. Chris Jericho was really cool to me when I first met him. I was a 16-year-old kid who barged in on him because I wanted to show him my backyard wrestling pictures. He was very cool about it when he had no reason to be.”

Rollins on fan reaction to his team with Dean Ambrose: “The first few weeks we teamed together a little bit against the Miztourage, and people were really excited about it. But they got really pumped in Toronto a couple of weeks back. I think that caught me off guard a little bit. Gears are always turning, and you are on to the next thing, that you kind of forget how attached people can be to certain characters and stories. So, it was very cool, and a reminder how special our industry can be…Five years later, there is the nostalgic feeling. It’s crazy. This is our first reunion per se, and a unique experience for both of us.”

Rollins on who he thinks from NXT will make an impact: “I might have to go with maybe a Roderick Strong. I think someone like Roddy has a lot to offer, and he can fit right in. He also has a ton of experience, which can be very helpful.”