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Shane McMahon: The Best Endgame In The World

June 16, 2019 | Posted by Justin Watry
Shane McMahon Smackdown

While watching Super Showdown last Friday night, I had an epiphany. 

Best Endgame In The World

Defending Shane McMahon – Backlash 1999, Summerslam 1999, No Way Out 2000, Judgment Day 2000, Summerslam 2000, Unforgiven 2000, WrestleMania 2001, Backlash 2001, King Of The Ring, 2001, Survivor Series 2001, Unforgiven 2003, Saturday Night’s Main Event March 2006, Summerslam 2006, WrestleMania 2007, No Way Out 2009, WrestleMania 2016, Survivor Series 2016, WrestleMania 2017, WrestleMania 2018, WrestleMania 2019, etc. Look, those are just his big matches and moments on pay-per-view, but there are many more. I could go through Raw and Smackdown as well. However, we would be here all day. The fact of the matter is Shane McMahon has given us (me) a ton of memorable moments during the past 20 years. Whether on television or PPV, nobody can deny his passion and dedication to entertaining the fans. I have defended him during my columns throughout the years and have continued to do so – including his incredible return in February 2016. Still get goosebumps watching that.

Special Attraction No More – You notice something with all of those pay-per-view events I listed? They were spaced out pretty evenly. Feud with Test, take a break. Feud with Stone Cold/The Rock, take a break. Feud with Steve FREAKIN’ Blackman, take a break. Feud with Big Show (twice), take a break. Feud with Kurt Angle/Vince McMahon, take a break. Feud with Shawn Michaels, take a break. Well, you get the point. We are now halfway through 2019, and Smackdown Live (and RAW some weeks) has been All Shane McMahon, All Show. Obviously a slight over exaggeration…but just check the facts. He has competed on all main roster WWE Network live specials this year. Geez. Royal Rumble, yep. Fastlane, yep. Elimination Chamber, yep. WM35, yep. Money In The Bank, yep. Super Showdown, yep. That isn’t even discussing the ridiculous Crown Jewel 2018 addition. I could excuse the first few months of the year because it played into The Miz feud. Now though? It is beyond part-time. We are officially in a strange universe where Shane McMahon is a full-time boss – AND wrestler!

Anybody Else? – I should point out that I believe a lot of the backlash is simply because this is Shane McMahon. If this were anybody else, it would be getting a pass. Think about the exact same scenario. Say if it was Damien Sandow (Mizdow) or Elias or whoever. Team with The Miz for awhile, have a match at WrestleMania, win, win the rematch, and then get a cheap victory over a top face with the help of a bodyguard like Drew McIntyre. Again, put any other guy in those shoes. Sound good, right? Probably a cool way to build up a new star. The story would draw in fans and get them behind the new act. Booing or cheering. Sadly, it is not just anybody else. It is near 50 year old Shane McMahon. More than the actual story, I think the fact is fans just don’t want him in the spot. Am I wrong?

Current Story – Okay, let’s reset. Shane McMahon became a weasel heel late last year when he entered himself into the finals of the Best In The World tournament at Crown Jewel. It was 100% the start of a heel turn. We all saw it. We all knew that was the direction based on his reaction and clear taunts afterwards. For whatever reason, WWE pivoted that (plans changed?) to a team with The Miz but THEN went back to the original idea months later with his Best In The World gimmick. Hence the trophy and nickname repeated over and over and over. Honestly not a bad plan. It showed that back in November, there was at least some kind of thought put into a long-term story – something we like to bash the company for. Well, they had a plan here, so you can’t complain about that aspect. Shane McMahon now has Elias(?) and Drew McIntyre by his side as the heavy back up to make up for his lack of actual skills. Since he is too oblivious and the spoiled rich kid, he legitimately thinks he is the best in the world. However, every time he is about to be put in his place, his hired goons bail him out. Thus, continuing his blinded view of being the best in the world. Alright, we’re all caught up. We get it…

Endgame – Like all wrestling story lines though, there has to be a finish. The beginning and middle can be a month, two months, six months, a year, whatever. However, when it is time to write the final chapter, you need a thrilling climax. Not a whimper. That sucks. Not just for the performers out there doing their best but also for the fans that stuck with it for so long. Nothing is less satisfying than knowing you wasted your time. That begs the questions – how does this story with Shane O’Mac end? What is all of this leading to? I will tell you this: Roman Reigns simply destroying him in a street fight at an upcoming PPV is not enough. The heel may get comeuppances, but there needs to be more. In any other instance, that would be adequate and fine for story telling purposes. Not here. This feels like a hyped “Major Announcement.” It has to deliver the goods, more than usual. What are the options WWE has?

– Roman Reigns seems like the best bet right now. He is the one getting screwed by Shane and his lackeys. As much as I would love to see a brutal Summerslam battle and one sided fight with the face whooping the heel, I don’t know. Let Drew and Reigns get back to feuding. Those two seem like a natural feud. Keep the boy wonder out of there with the actual tops guys.

– The Miz would be an interesting choice. While Shane has said he was done with Miz, Miz said the opposite. When the time was right, he would get him. I am sure The Miz’s dad would be along for the ride too. Either way, something tells me WWE got tired of this story line but may go back to it…something to get The Miz on the winning side again. He needs it.

– Kofi Kingston is the current WWE Champion, but would anyone be shocked if WWE takes this all the way to the main event scene? I am calling it now. If Shane vs. Kofi is announced for a future PPV, I am picking Shane. If they are going to go all in, they would have to go ALL IN! I mean, ALL FREAKIN’ IN! Not ideal in any world, but when you are the best in the world, that is the world we are living in. Hopefully, if it comes to this, Kofi kicks him in the head and wins cleanly, ending his 2019 run.

– Greg Hamilton taking a swing at him would be nice. Throws better punches than Shane I bet.

– Brock Lesnar! Yes, that Brock Lesnar. The Beast In The World vs. The Best In The World! No, this is not the Summerslam 2013 tagline. This is 2019. Should Brock Lesnar stick around the wrestling realm going forward, do not be shocked if a face turn is due. The heel thing has kinda run its’ course. His music hitting and Shane crapping his pants live on air would be great television. A few F-5 moves later and boom! Back to the summer 2016 feud we were teased with but never got. Shane vs. Brock…

– Triple H is another interesting choice. They teased doing something back at Survivor Series a few years ago. Nothing happened. Must have been those dreaded ‘plans changed’ again? Either way, as mentioned above, with Shane sticking up for his father, this plays into the backstage behind the scenes HHH vs. Vince reports. All it would take is one promo, one pedigree, and game over. When is the next Saudi Arabia show again?

– Drew McIntyre turning on Shane McMahon would be quite hilarious. The Stud is a future WWE Champion and certainly has better things to do than hang around the boss’s son. It is only a matter of time before they break apart. For the time being though, being connected to a McMahon on TV is never a bad thing. I am fine with it for now. I am sure the crowd would love a Claymore Kick to Shane’s skull.

– CM Punk. There, I said his name. You knew I had to bring him up. Enjoy it.

SUMMARY: Long story short, I have been a Shane fan since day. He is truly nuts and adds a certain element that not many others can. Being the boss’s son and hated as a McMahon brings it all up another notch. A simple ‘face beats heel on PPV’ would not work here. We have had to deal with this for too long now. I am not only expecting a massive payoff but one that is the best in the world.

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