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Shane Taylor Weighs in on Bully Ray/Fan Incident at ROH Show, What to Expect From Match with Bandido

June 13, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Shane Taylor, ROH

– Shane Taylor spoke with Wrestling Inc for a new interview discussing his match with Bandido at ROH Best in the World, the Bully Ray fan incident from last week’s ROH show and more. Highlights are below:

On the recent incident with Bully Ray confronting a fan over comments made to female talent: “This is the thing: whatever character you wanna portray is fine. Having people say stuff to you comes with that territory but there are lines that you shouldn’t cross. If someone crosses those lines, you still have to remember that’s someone wife. Someone is gonna come to the defense of that person. I know if that was my wife what I would do, but nothing like that happened. I believe in this social media era that the things you say and do don’t have consequences. You can say whatever you want – that’s not the world that I come from. I would take the story with a grain of salt because you’re only hearing from the fan’s perspective. I wasn’t there so I can’t tell you, but some people can definitely cross lines. When they do, do we not have the right to be like, ‘Hey man, what’s your issue?'”

On what to expect from his match with Bandido at ROH Best in the World: “They’re gonna get to see a tremendous clash of styles. You have Bandido who is one of the best high-flyers on the planet against the hardest hitter in ROH. They are gonna see him flip and fly all over the ring only to get smashed in the face by me. I am gonna destroy the aura of Bandido. It’s funny that you have a guy who’s name is Bandido which translates to bandit or thief and this is a guy that we’re cheering now? If I was a bandit or a thief, society would view me differently. But that’s okay. He’s gonna come in here with all of the support and everybody’s gonna leave with their hearts broken thanks to Shane Taylor.”

On if Bandido would be better served outside of Lifeblood: “I can’t speak to what he would be better off doing. He picked his right; he’s a grown man. That’s for him to decide. The only thing for me is to knock down whoever’s in front of me and that’s him.”

On his match at G1 Supercard in Madison Square Garden in April: “Anytime you get to be a part of history, it sticks with you. So for me, being able to say that I was in sold out MSG still gives me goosebumps and I definitely will remember that for the rest of my career.”