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Shane Taylor Explains What Motivated Him to Drop His Weight, Talks Learning From Jay Briscoe

January 12, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Shane Taylor

– Shane Taylor discussed losing over 100 pounds last year, his feud with Jay Briscoe and more in a new interview with WZ. Highlights are below:

On being the first man eliminated in the 4-Way TV Championship match at ROH Final Battle: “It’s selective memory. You are telling the truth but let’s also add in the fact that leading up to that I was knocking everybody around in that match. All three of those guys. It took all three of them to get me to a point that they ALL got me out…While I did go out first and it is very frustrating I’ve been in the ring with those guys individually. I know that the case could be different one-on-one.”

On what he learned working with Jay Briscoe in their World Title feud in 2017: “Jay Briscoe has been very instrumental in just giving me some very good advice. Just showing me in ring that there is a different gear that you have to have when you are at that level. He has a different gear then a lot of people that I have been in the ring with. Tapping into that and being consistently great at that level. That’s the seperation for a lot of guys. Anybody can be great for a match or two. When you are at that level… you have to be great every single time.”

On what motivated to lose weight over the past year: “I am a very goal oriented person. I knew what my role would be if I stayed at that weight. I know what would be expected of me and what I would be given just doing that. So, I wanted for myself to see if I could challenge myself to do this and show my work ethic and show people that I have the initiative to try and be a bigger star for the company.”