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Shawn Michaels Comments on NXT Battleground Happening Head-to-Head With AEW Double or Nothing

March 31, 2023 | Posted by Joseph Lee
WWE NXT Battleground Image Credit: WWE

It was previously reported that WWE NXT Battleground is scheduled for May 28, which means it will go head to head with AEW’s Double or Nothing PPV. Shawn Michaels recently spoke with BT Sport and said that the move was done because it’s Memorial Day weekend and had nothing to do with AEW.

He said: “No, no. Look, I’ll say this, from a holiday standpoint, that’s the thing. In the past, we’ve done well on the holidays. It’s my understanding that’s why we did that. It’s not different than, we used to do stuff back in the day on Christmas and on Thanksgiving. Holidays are always big days. That’s what this is for us. We’re live on Peacock. Basically, sort of free. From my standpoint, it’s just the date was available. The holiday does really well for us. I’ll say this, we’re live on Peacock, basically free. [laughs] You know what I mean? From my standpoint, it’s just the date that was available. Obviously the holiday does really well for us.