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Shawn Michaels On How He And Undertaker Didn’t Care for Each Other Early On

May 25, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Shawn Michaels Undertaker Raw 9318

In an interview with ESPN, Shawn Michaels spoke about the early days of his relationship with the Undertaker and how they originally didn’t like each other. Here are highlights:

On originally not getting along with Undertaker: “I think in some ways, when we were younger, we were frustrated because we had so much unbelievable natural chemistry in the ring with each other, and had zero of it outside the ring. At the time, I was an extremely difficult person. He was less so. There was clearly never any real trouble between the two of us. We just did not care for one another because we were so different. He clearly didn’t like me based on who I was and my reputation. And I didn’t like him based on who he was.”

On Undertaker as the locker room leader: “He never once raised his voice or hit somebody. It bugged me the wrong way. Because he didn’t go and tape his fists. But he didn’t go and make theatrics out of anything. Any time he’d do anything it was very calm, and actually a pleasant conversation. Which was diametrically opposed to the gimmick, so to speak, behind the scenes. My immaturity at the time didn’t allow me to grasp that he had it from a respect standpoint. He did it by example. That’s the way it’s supposed to be done. But as I’ve been apologizing for damn near 30 years for everything, I didn’t have the ability to appreciate that when I was younger.”

On eventually fixing their relationship: “When I came back in 2002, he was one of the first guys I went to just to apologize for all of my actions in the past. And he was good with it, but at the same time he made it pretty clear: ‘We’ll see.’ I had a reputation. A lot of people weren’t sure that [my change] was real. Then of course he recognized how [sorry] I very much was. When we got to do the WrestleMania stuff, the bond just got thicker and much deeper. We had both changed and grown in a lot of ways. And when we got in the ring, that chemistry was just so dynamic.”