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Shawn Michaels Praises Shelton Benjamin for Taking Sweet Chin Music in Mid-Air

April 13, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Shawn Michaels Showstopper

– During a March interview with ComicBook.com, Shawn Michaels addressed his match with Shelton Benjamin, which featured Michaels hitting Benjamin with Sweet Chin Music while Benjamin was in mid-air. Below are some highlights and a video of the Michaels vs. Benjamin match from Raw in 2005.

Shawn Michaels on how the spot worked: “It’s one of those ones that it’s lightning in a bottle, that’s the timing and everything else is just so perfect. Because again, you can do that same thing but if the timing isn’t perfect, it doesn’t quite stand the test of time like that one does. That’s one of those moments where everything comes together, and it certainly does not hurt that you have got unbelievably stellar athletes like Shelton doing all of the heavy lifting in that type of stuff.”

Michaels on how grateful he is to Benjamin for the spot: “I’m the guy that got to win, but I will always argue that he is the guy that did the majority of the work in that particular instance. I have to thank him for that.”