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Shotzi Blackheart Didn’t Mean Any Offense to Chris Jericho With Blood & Guts Tweet

August 3, 2021 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
WWE Shotzi Blackheart Tegan Nox Smackdown

talkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy recently spoke to WWE tag team Shotzi Blackheart and Tegan Nox. During the interview, Shotzi addressed a past tweet from early May, where she appeared to be having a joke at the expense of Chris Jericho, where she seemingly imitated his bump from the finish to the Blood & Guts match in AEW. Below are some highlights:

Shotzi Blackheart on not meaning any offense toward Chris Jericho with her tweet: “I meant no offense to Chris Jericho.I thought, honestly, the match was great. But, you know what… like, take a joke, Take a joke, bud! [laughs]. It’s just a GIF. Laugh at it and move on. It’s live TV. Things happen, it’s pro wrestling. Don’t take life too seriously is all I have to say.

Tegan Nox on the move to SmackDown: “It was a bit of a sudden change, to be honest. On the Tuesday I was taking the stuff to Candice and having them lose the titles and then Friday, after our match on SmackDown, they’re like ‘hey, congratulations, you’re on SmackDown now,’ like whaaaaat. We had no prior indication that we were moving up. We had no idea. It’s been completely non-stop since [that] Friday.”

Blackheart on finding out about the move: “It happened so fast. We found out the day of, basically. The day that we debuted is the day we found out we were getting called up so it’s been a wild, fast-paced journey.”