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Shotzi Addresses Meat Loaf Tweet, Says She Wasn’t Trying to Make a Joke

January 24, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Shotzi Blackheart WWE NXT Image Credit: EVOLVE

Shotzi has addressed the social media post she made following Meat Loaf’s passing, explaining that she didn’t mean to make light of the situation. As noted, the Smackdown star earned a fair amount of criticism for a post she made (and then later deleted) in which she said after the rock singer’s passing, “Whoa. I ate meatloaf last night. RIP.”

Addressing the situation on Sunday, Shotzi wrote that she wasn’t intending to make a joke and said that she is a big fan of his, and “feel[s] gross” about the post she made. She wrote:

“I honestly was not trying to make a joke about Meatloaf’s passing. I legitimately made a meatloaf on Thursday while listening to “paradise by the dashboard light” on repeat so I was shocked by the coincidence and impulsively posted about it. I took down the post immediately within a few minutes because I quickly realized it was disrespectful and insensitive when in reality I am actually a huge fan. This has really consumed me and I feel very gross. I’m genuinely sorry to the friends and family that saw that post. I cant stop thinking about how that might have made anyone close to him feel.”

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