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Shotzi & Nox Weigh In On Possible Queen of the Ring Tournament, Evolution Of Women’s Division

August 1, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE Shotzi Blackheart Tegan Nox Smackdown

If WWE is planning a Queen of the Ring tournament as reported, Shotzi and Nox are all for it. The new Smackdown team spoke with ViBe & Wrestling for a new interview and were asked about the report that a women’s version of the King of the Ring is on the way, plus more. You can check out highlights below:

On a possible Queen of the Ring tournament:
Nox: For years growing up we watched King of the Ring sso I think it’s time for a Queen of the Ring and it would be nice if Shotzi and I would be a part of it. That would be great.
Shotzi: Yeah, let’s go, we need a queen! We have so many king, what the heck!

On the evolution of the women’s division since 2018:
Shotzi: “I think women have been on the up for the past… I don’t know how many years but definitely from the Evolution PPV we’ve been skyrocketing. Look at all the matches that women just have on NXT main eventing regularly so I think in WWE women wrestling has been a focal point.”
Nox: “Yeah, you just have to look at WrestlemMania where Bianca and Sasha main eventing night one. Such an incredible match. The sky is the limit for the women wrestling right now, the sky is the absolute limit.”

On when they knew about going to SmackDown:
Nox: “At the end of our SmackDown match in the ThuderDome is when we knew we were SmackDown Superstars. We didn’t know before we did not have an idea that we were about to be SmackDown Superstars. As you said, we are so happy to be here, and we are so thankful that we get to live our dreams on SmackDown and experience PPVs, the road lifestyle but at the same time is that because you are leaving a family behind. You gain but family but you left another family to gain it. We still keep in contact but it is bittersweet saying goodbye and saying hello to live your dream. Everyone is happy for us.”
Shotzi: “Yeah, exactly. I are on NXT for so long and create all these bonds with everybody so it’s hard to leave that but I am ready to build new bonds, new friendship, new memories …”