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Silas Young On CM Punk’s Masked Run Back In April: ‘I Didn’t See Punk Without The Mask On’

August 16, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
CM Punk

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Silas Young spoke about CM Punk’s ‘secret’ return to wrestling this past April, in which he showed up at an independent event wearing a mask and gave another wrestler a Go to Sleep to help Ace Steel get the win. It’s never actually been confirmed that it was Punk and Young says he never saw the mysterious wrestler without the mask. Here are highlights:

On Punk making a surprise run-in with a mask: “That building that we ran at was the Knights of Columbus Building and it had wrestling at it for maybe 25-30 years. I believe that’s where Punk had his very first match at. To be honest I never saw Punk in the building. I didn’t see Punk without the mask on. But I got told 10 minutes before by my wife that Punk was gonna do a run-in on Derrick St. Holmes and give a Go To Sleep. So it happened but he never came in the back and never had the mask off. So I can’t say 100 percent that it was him and I don’t know why they would lie about it either. I tend to think it was [him]. No one else in the locker room knew about it. My wife’s part of the match so she knows and she’s gonna come tell me about it but I didn’t even know. But it was interesting.”

On the future of Derrick St. Holmes: “Derrick could end up anywhere because he’s a guy who could help any company. He has a wealth of knowledge and is a guy from the area that I think almost every guy that came up from my time or after that probably had their first match with Derrick St. Holmes. He’s a guy that everybody respects. I think Derrick’s like almost 50 and he looks the best he’s ever looked in his career; the guy’s a machine. So I think he’s got a lot to offer anywhere.”

On doing big shows with ROH at this point in his career: “It’s good and makes you feel like the work you put in actually means something especially in this day and age where everybody wants everything handed to them. It’s good to prove that with hard work, passion and drive and not complaining that things aren’t happening for you and doing them yourself actually works. There’s proof in the pudding. Having the opportunity to work with guys I haven’t worked with before like Mark Haskins who I worked with once or twice or guys like Hot Sauce who I’ve never been on shows with before…it’s a good mix up for the locker room and they’re all good dudes. Everybody in the locker room is gelling and it’s pretty cohesive for there being such an influx in talent. It’s good for the business as there’s lot of new matchup possibilities, so I think it’s good.”

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