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411’s WWE The SmackDown LowDown Report 07.06.24: Chelsea Green Has The Final Word Heading Into Money in The Bank!

July 6, 2024 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Chelsea Green WWE Main Event Image Credit: WWE

-We are two hours before Money in The Bank starts and the pre-show just started on Peacock. What better way to get ready then watching The SmackDown LowDown? Let’s get to it!

-We see the Toronto skyline to start and transition to DIY getting the firework treatment as they won the WWE Tag Titles last night. Thankfully WWE didn’t have the problems my Pirates did as they ran out of fireworks in their bludgeoning of the Mets.

-Megan Morant welcomes us to the show and she is joined by Scott Stanford.

-To the video as Bayley took on Piper Nevin, which led to them hyping tonight’s Women’s Ladder Match. All six women in the match started brawling on the floor and ended with Stratton hitting PME to the floor. As for the match going on, Bayley hits The Rose Plant for the win. Queen Nia attacks after the match, but Michin saves with a kendo stick. This was fun as they just threw all the women out there and said go crazy.

-Cathy Kelley is backstage with Piper Nevin and Chelsea Green. Green interrupts and notes Piper is fine and is as ferocious as ever. Tomorrow we will be referring to Chelsea as Cha-Ching Chelsea. Awesome! She dismisses Cathy so she can tend to Piper.

-Just for fun, my pick is Tiffany winning, but I am rooting for Chelsea. Her with the case is GOLD!

-Next week on SmackDown it’s Michin vs. Queen Nia!

-Cathy Kelley is backstage with Michin and she says her legs really hurt from standing on business. Michin notes she has been in wars on two different brands and next Friday she has all her focus on Nia. There is a different Michin walking the halls and they finish the war next week. We see how hardcore she can get. I do like this version of Michin!

-The Street Profits still to come!

-Peacock commercials!

-Tonight: World Title: Priest vs. Rollins!

-To the video as it was Pretty Deadly vs. The Street Profits! Fun match! Street Profits get the win and I can see them being the first challengers for DIY. I still think the Tag Titles end up on The Tongans sooner than later.

-Jackie Redmond is backstage with The Street Profits and B Fab. Apparently, their focus is on The Tongans as they need their get back for that beatdown. So, I guess they aren’t worried about the Tag Titles right now. Ford mentions they have survived COVID and are dealing with all variants of The Bloodline. Dawkins says they are coming for The Tongans and want the smoke.

-To the video as the men get to hype their ladder match. Drew gets to be Samoa Joe as he runs down each man, but Joe did it better. Still good stuff from Drew and the “how the hell did you get across the border anyway” line to Jey Uso was great. Things break down and everyone hits everyone. Knight and Uso are left in the ring.

-My prediction is Drew as I think it will be fun to have Punk torment him while he has the briefcase. I go back and forth because they could also have Punk screw him tonight. Knight or Uso winning would be fine as well. I think it is too soon for Hayes.

-To the video as Kevin Owens cuts an emotional promo as his mom is in the hospital and she told him to make these shows. Best thoughts to KO’s mom and their entire family. My father-in-law is in the hospital right now after his surgery to help his lung issues and all good so far, but he will there for a few more days. Love you sir!

-The Bloodline has to win this 6 Man Tag and I think Solo has to pin Cody if they are going with Cody vs. Solo at SummerSlam.

-Peacock commercials!

-NXT Heatwave is tomorrow night!

-To the video as DIY close SmackDown by winning the WWE Tag Titles from A-Town Down Under! They keep mentioning they won the NXT Titles 8 years ago in the same building. Whatever happened to that team they beat? Actually, it was the small touches in the match that paid homage to the NXT Match with The Revival were wonderful. Great moment for DIY and now we can start the clock on when Ciampa will turn on Gargano. I am still holding out hope for any combination of KO/Sami/Gargano/Ciampa having a tag match and teasing everyone turning on everyone in the match.

-Rundown of tonight’s card. I have Breakker becoming the new IC Champion and I have changed my mind and will go with Rollins as Rollins vs. GUNTHER at SummerSlam should rule.

-Trish Stratus is also the host of tonight’s show, which seems to be a late addition.

-Megan wraps things up and we are out this week. Enjoy Money in The Bank and thanks for reading!