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SoCal Val Says Alicia Fox is the Most Underrated Women’s Wrestler

April 6, 2016 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
SoCal Val

– SoCal Val spoke with WrestleZone for a new interview. Some highlights are below:

On the similarities between MMA and pro wrestling: “I think we should just cut to the chase. You guys know what you’re doing. You aren’t fooling anyone. You suck them in with the MMA and then you have managers and glitzier costumes. You’re cutting these promos and “trash talking” at events. Come on guys. I love MMA. I’m not saying it’s not credible by any means. It’s just that I think they’ve realized the glory and the great part of professional wrestling that I love and you probably love as well… the flamboyance of it all. I think that’s what really sells. I love MMA, thankfully because I am getting more in to it, and that they are embracing the entertainment side of it. Even before and after the fights as they go to the ring, I’m sorry, the cage. That’s really intriguing to me.”

On her favorite current women’s wrestler: “Alica Fox. Mrs. Foxy. I hate to say it but I think she is the most underrated girl they have right now. I think she is amazing. She has such personality. She’s great in the ring and has a great look. What else do you need?”

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