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Sonya Deville on Bayley Being A Leader Backstage, How She Was Treated In Locker Room When She Got to WWE

February 18, 2020 | Posted by Ashish
Sonya Deville

RondaRousey.com recently interviewed Sonya Deville. In the interview, Sonya discussed the WWE locker room, how Bayley is a leader backstage, which wrestlers stuck out to her, and more.

On if she got any pushback in the locker room for her past on a reality show: “Yeah, I don’t think I got that stigma so bad as the other people because I had the MMA background. So I think they just looked at me as like a fighter that made the transition from MMA to WWE. Not so much the reality stuff on Tough Enough, because I was only on the show for like three weeks. I didn’t get that stigma as bad as [Miz] or any of them.”

On which women’s wrestlers stuck out to her when she first got into wrestling: “I always liked Becky Lynch. She was always, to me, just different and unique, and she was always a badass. I think she still is. Charlotte… I liked how strong she was and how she kind of redefined femininity for me. She didn’t fit in the perfect square mold of what it means to be a Diva, to say, back in the day. She kind of reinvented the meaning of the women’s wrestler. And Lita, obviously, from back in the day. I mean she stood out to me because she was a tomboy living in a world of super girly Divas at the time.”

On Bayley being a leader in the locker room: “Bayley is definitely one—she’s like the locker room leader always. She’s someone you could go to for advice or if you have questions about how things work or whoever it was, she’s definitely just a natural leader in the locker room. Becky was someone that I always went to too. Becky’s cool because she’s one of those people that leads by example. She’s not going to tell you what to do with your life, but she just carries herself in a way that’s admirable.”

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