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Sonya Deville Discusses Being Removed From A Position Of Authority In WWE

May 20, 2022 | Posted by Ben Kerin
Sonya Deville WWE Smackdown Image Credit: WWE

During a recent interview with Kevin Kellam of Sportskeeda, Sonya Deville discussed being fair when put in a position of power and feels her dismissal from authority was unjust. The interview was very much Deville in full character. Check out the highlights below (per Fightful):

On her feelings about being dismissed as an authority figure: “How do I feel about it? Well, I was unjustly and wrongfully relieved of my duties as WWE official, which I’m still not sure if that decision should stick or will stick. I think I’m the best WWE General Manager to ever step foot — ever, and I think I did a great job of being fair-minded and just to everybody on the roster from top to bottom. I think I made calls that took courage and guts for sure and I think some people don’t like change and don’t like different. So yeah, sometimes when you’re middle management and you’re not a Superstar, you can be easily intimidated or threatened by a strong, powerful woman who is a Superstar and is meant to be a leader. So that’s all I’ll say about that.”

On claims of her abusing her authority: “I just don’t understand how it’s corruption. I did nothing but give opportunities where opportunities were fit and where they weren’t, I didn’t give them. So sorry that I wasn’t a pushover and I didn’t just allow the superstars to manipulate and persuade me of whatever they may want and need that day, I stayed true to myself. I made the decisions that I felt were just and I think I did a great job of managing both that and being an in-ring competitor. Honestly, if I wasn’t me, I’d be envious of me.”

On a claim from Adam Pearce that she paid recent fines via money orders: “Adam put out a thing saying I paid via money order. Honey, I haven’t used money orders since 1995. I mean, like I don’t even understand that. It’s fine. I mean, yeah, you pay PayPal, Venmo, whatever. The money’s not an issue for me. I’m not worried about that. In terms of Alexa Bliss. I’ve been working on both brands, Monday Night Raw, and Friday Night SmackDown, for a year and a half. I’ve been running the show as general manager, stepping in the ring whenever need be with the top stars in both divisions. She was I don’t know where and comes back and thinks she can beat me? The first time she got lucky because I was distracted. I was distraught. I just lost the job that I’ve worked my butt off for the last year and a half. So she got lucky. She caught me off guard.

“The second time? I won. I had her shoulders down for like a 10 count. I hit her, she went down, her shoulders were on the mat for a 10 count. The referee, I’m trying to be nice here. The nice, lovely, referee was distracted by trying to re-tie a turnbuckle that I never even got off. So he didn’t count the pin. I won that match fair and square. So yeah, I have issues with Alexa Bliss because I’ve been sitting here, busting my butt, and I don’t know where she’s been. She comes back and just thinks she can take my spot. Try to put me on my heels. It’s insulting.”

On if she would like to be an official again: “I’m going to stray away from that a little bit, because this is what I’m going to say, whether I’m wearing a suit, whether I’m a WWE Official, or whether I’m Sonya Deville, the in-ring competitor, I control my fate and my destiny, one way or another, I will always find a way to do what I need to do and to get what I want. Always, that has been me since I was 10 years old, I always find a way to make it happen. So regardless of some title that you take, or don’t take away from me, I will always find a way, I always persevere, and I will always be at the top because I’m a winner.

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