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Sonya Deville Has Never Dealt With Any Negativity in the WWE Locker Room, Discusses Bringing LGBTQ Inclusion to WWE Programming

August 22, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Sonya Deville

Allure recently interviewed WWE Superstar Sonya Deville, who discussed her career, creating a relationship between GLAAD and WWE, and LGBTQ inclusion for WWE programming that’s done an appropriate way. Below are some highlights.

Sonya Deville on the Women’s Evolution: “The Women’s Evolution was just starting as I was getting into Tough Enough. I’ve always had great role models coming in and watching the Becky Lynches and the Charlottes, the Bayleys, the Sashas move that movement and then being able to be part of it.”

Deville on becoming best friends with Mandy Rose: “Mandy has been my best friend since literally the first day of Tough Enough tryouts. I totally judged a book by its cover, and I thought she was going to be this high-maintenance beauty queen. I was expecting her to be like valley girl like, ‘Hi, I’m Mandy.’ She turned around and was like, ‘Yo, what’s up?’ I was like, ‘[gasps] She’s cool.’ Literally, in that moment, we became best friends.”

Deville on the positive atmosphere of the WWE locker room: “I’ve never dealt with really anything negative in the WWE as a whole, in the locker room, anything. The girls have been nothing but supporters of me since I started. I would say I got in my own head when I first started overthinking things and thinking, ‘Are they not going to support me? Are they going to judge me? These were all insecurities that I had but I, luckily, was proven wrong and none of that was true.”

Sonya Deville on wanting to form a relationship with GLAAD and WWE: “I’ve been talking with GLAAD and WWE over the past two years and really have developed a great relationship between the three of us. I am a firm supporter and believer that it’s important to have that inclusion in our programming in the right, most appropriate, tasteful way. I realized — and I think I learned this at a young age — that anything that’s worth anything, you’re going to take a risk to get there and it’s not going to be easy. If you’re getting hate along the way I think that means that you’re doing something right and that you’re creating change.”

Deville on willing to put herself out there to help with social change: “By doing this, yeah, I would be putting myself out there and I would be almost like the guinea pig for this kind of revolution. But I am willing to do something like that to make a social change and to really pioneer this movement in the right direction. Somebody has to do it, right?”

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