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Steph De Lander Finds Similarities in Her Current Team to That of Triple H and Chyna

September 11, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Matt Cardona Steph De Lander GCW Eye For an Eye Image Credit: GCW

In a recent appearance with WrestleZone, Steph De Lander shared her thoughts on the dynamics of her pairing with Matt Cardona (via Fightful). De Lander explained she and Cardona share some parallels with the team of Triple H and Chyna, although their own alignment has unique elements that make it difficult for her to equate to other duos in the industry. You can find a highlight and watch the complete interview below.

On her choice of the most-similar pairing in wrestling history: “I don’t know because it’s such a unique pairing. I would say, for me, it feels closest to probably like Triple H and Chyna. So I would say he’s probably like the Triple H, just because I probably feel closest to Chyna in the dynamic as well. But I don’t know. There’s no one that I can be like, ‘Oh, it’s this.’ We have such a different dynamic. He is a wrestler, I’m also a wrestler. I’m his manager, we can tag team together. There are so many different iterations of our pairing that it’s not just the standard wrestler and manager or male/female tag team. A lot of male/female tag teams that you see are married or are dating, or whatever. So we’re also platonically friends. We didn’t even know each other beforehand. There’s so many little intricacies of it that I feel like it’s so unique that you can’t really compare it to anyone else.”