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Stephanie McMahon Confirms WWE Plans to Have Fans At WrestleMania 37

January 19, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE Smackdown Stephanie McMahon Draft Image Credit: WWE

Stephanie McMahon says that WWE will indeed have fans at WrestleMania 37, according to current plans. McMahon appeared on the TMZ Sports show and discussed the big WrestleMania announcements that took place over the weekend. She noted that WWE is hoping to have fans in attendance for April’s two-night event at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.

“I’m thrilled and excited because, hopefully, this will be the first opportunity for us to have our fans back in attendance,” McMahon said. “That’s the current plan. Of course, ticket information is not available yet cause we’re still trying to figure out all the machinations.”

She added that the company is taking notes on how the NFL handles the Super Bowl next month, saying, “We’re going to learn a lot from [the NFL] logistically, etc., and really best practices, what works, what doesn’t work. But man, we can’t wait to come in and for 2 nights, really rock that pirate ship.”

There’s a lot of time between now and April, and McMahon said that they’re figuring out the logistics to make sure fans can attend safely. “Working with the local organizing committee, all of the health officials, health and safety is first and foremost, of course,” she said. “For our fans, for our performers, for the employees, for the staff working the building, there’s a lot of different logistics that need to determined, but hopefully, it’ll all work out, and this will be the first WWE event where we actually bring the WWE Universe back together in person, and I cannot wait.”