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Steve Austin Wants to Interview Jon Moxley Again in the Future: ‘He Was In a Real Bad Place’

June 25, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Steve Austin Dean Ambrose Jon Moxley

– On the latest Busted Open Radio, Steve Austin discussed his infamous interview with Jon Moxley and his desire to give it another go down the road. Austin had previously touched on the podcast on the return of the Steve Austin Show last week, saying he has been bothered by how it went wrong ever since. Highlights from his thoughts on Busted Open Radio are below:

On where the interview went wrong: “Man really, like I said, he was in a bad place and I was in a place [where] that experience, it was different than me just sitting in my house being Steve Austin. It kinda had us spun up as the Stone Cold Podcast. It’s kind of like we’re dealing with two different personalities trying to talk to one guy. And so anyway, it just wasn’t my best outing. We were just never on the same page. And I just think that speaks to how frustrated [Moxley was]. And I hope to get to talk to Jon Moxley in the future when all the — you know, he’s doing a bunch of interviews right now, let him get settled in his role over there, and then I’d like to talk to him when he’s fresh and full of energy, and he’s really entrenched in something so he can speak in depth about it.”

On understanding where Moxley was coming from: “But I’ll say this: obviously, he was in a real bad place, and I’ve been throughout my career, and I know you have too, Mark, all for different reasons, but I’ve been in some bad places where man, I was checked out. And there was a couple of bad times. You work through ’em, but I think Dean had checked out … I think he’d had enough. And I don’t know what his situation was, maybe I’ll find out. But I’ve been there before, and I can’t say I was where he was, but on a parallel path. And so man, he’d just had enough. And I’m looking forward to talking to him now that he’s got his batteries charged up. But same thing here, man. I felt terrible about that interview, because I felt like since I was leading it, I wanted to carry [it] or have someone put on their best interview while I’m talking to them, so I can do my job. And it truly haunted me.”

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