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Stevie Ray Wasn’t Allowed to Say ‘Fruit Booty’ in WWE Hall of Fame Speech

April 18, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Stevie Ray & Booker T Harlem Heat

– During his appearance on this week’s Talk is Jericho, Stevie Ray revealed that he wasn’t allowed to say his trademark phrase “fruit booty” in his WWE Hall of Fame speech. During the episode, Ray discussed the origins of the catchphrase and how WWE asked him not to use it due to concerns that it could be viewed as an anti-gay term.

“Did you know they wouldn’t let me say ‘Fruit Booty’ on the Hall of Fame speech?,” he said. “Wouldn’t let me do it…they said it could sound like it’s making reference to gay people or LGB[T]Q community or something like that. But I was trying to tell them, ‘No, man. Fruit booty’s just a saying that a buddy of mine said one day to me. And I just thought it was so funny. So between two or three of us, it was just a saying that we would say — I don’t know, just in conversation. ‘Aw man, forget that fruity booty,’ you know what I’m saying? Something like that. So I started saying it on television, and people loved it. Then I got to say a lot of other adjectives in front of it, but you end with ‘fruit booty.’ And all the boys thought it was so funny, and people started having Fruit Booty signs. And I thought, ‘Hey, this thing is really taking off!'”

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