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Summerslam Update: Boston Mayor Willing To Hold Sporting Events At Fenway Park Without Fans

May 22, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
WWE SummerSlam 2019

In an interview with The Boston Globe, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said that he would consider allowing sporting events at Fenway Park if the events had no fans in attendance. He would also require the City of Boston to agree to advanced health and safety protocols for the athletes and everyone else working there.

Walsh said: “Yes, as long as the players and the teams and the support staff and all the people that are associated with it are safe and feel comfortable. Obviously, their health is important to me as well. Many of them are constituents of mine, and even if they’re not constituents of mine, I obviously want people to be healthy and safe. That’s going to be the biggest challenge that they’re going to have to figure out and meet if they’re going to move forward here. We want to see the plan. We’ll have our public health experts take a look at it and make sure that they feel like everything is covered that needs to be covered moving forward here. We will treat it like every other industry in the city, same with entertainment. They’re personal teams and they have employees, and we want to make sure the teams and the employees are taking care of everything and looking through it all so that we can make sure if it does open it’s open in a safe way and the virus doesn’t spread. There will be no fans in Fenway Park in July, there will be no fans in Fenway Park in August. We won’t even be near a situation where there’s herd immunity, and there certainly won’t be a vaccine.

It was reported last week that Vince McMahon is determined to have a live crowd for Summerslam and could be seeking alternative cities and venues for the event. It’s unlikely it will be in Boston unless McMahon agrees to Walsh’s stipulations.

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