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Swoggle Opens Up About Putting His Family Issues In His New Book

September 11, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
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In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Swoggle spoke about his new book Life Is Short and So Am I and the family issues he talks about in it. Here are highlights:

On writing an autobiography: “It’s surreal. I’ve been saying to my buddies and my dad that it’s another crazy thing that I thought I would never check off my bucket list. But it’s here and it’s being checked off. It’s awesome. I’ve always thought about doing one but I’m lazy to be blunt. I always put it off but after I got released Ian Douglas reached out to me to see if I wanted to do a book. We worked on it for nine months to a year and he went to the publishers and re-did it to make it even better. And here we are.”

On the family issues in it: “I went to my dad and stepmom about it and was like, ‘Hey guys. It’s too rough.’ They both didn’t know what to tell me and said it’s your book. To be honest, even as rough as it is, I took some stuff about my real mom out of it because it was too ‘pot-shotty.’ It was a rough upbringing at times with her and my relationship with her for 25 years is nothing. But I also wanted to put it out there in that it was a huge speed bump in my life. But I’m over it and I’m doing pretty damn good.”

On his half-brother: “My real mom had two kids, my half-sister Tara and my half-brother Clint. When I was growing up Clint was a big wrestling fan and he instilled that into me. I was immediately encapsulated with everything pro wrestling. When he was 16, and after my parents divorced, he didn’t take that well and his relationship with our mom was strained at times. Because of the divorce and his demons, he committed suicide at 16 years old. It’s one of those things where it happened but I’m gonna try to not to let it affect me. How long can you cry and be sad about it? I remember the fun moments we had together and you can’t let something like that affect you and not be able to enjoy life.”

On having a backyard wrestling federation: “One of the guys involved worked at the local TV station and put us in a timeslot. It was crazy; we were 12, 13-year-old kids messing around in the backyard. Landon, my son, I think he’s seen a little bit of it but if I went the rest of my life without watching it, I think I’d be okay with that.”

On his last goal before retiring: “Japan…I can stop and retire when I get to Japan. I don’t care if it’s one show, that’s all that’s left for me. I just need to wrestle in Japan once and that would be the cherry on top. That’s a goal of mine and my No. 1 is to make it over there. Every week we go to my training camp and he asks for a ring day. He’s bouncing off the ropes and jumping and wrestling with me. He loves it. He’s been around wrestling his whole life. Would I like it? It would make me smile a lot but I’m not gonna push it on him by any means. If he wants to be a scientist or astronaut or lawyer, that would be amazing. But if he decides to try wrestling, that would be pretty cool.”

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