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Swoggle Says The Thought of Being In The Steiner Recliner Terrified Him

June 17, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Hornswoggle Swoggle

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Swoggle said that while he wanted to face Scott Steiner in a match for AIW during Wrestlemania weekend earlier this year, he was actually scared to be in the Steiner Recliner due to having a steel rod in his back. Here are highlights:

On people saying he looked like a mini-AJ Styles at Starrcast: “I look like if AJ Styles and Conrad Thompson had a child. But the child didn’t grow full arms or legs; he just grew out from the belly. I woke up to my best friends saying this photo [of him at Starrcast] is going crazy. Then John Thorn from AIW said you’re the most talked about thing on Reddit right now.”

On doing stand-up at Starrcast: “Going into the week I was just signing and Conrad says, ‘Do you wanna do this show?’ Ron Funches just invited me to be a part of it and I’m like, ‘I don’t belong here.’ Then I realized it’s a wrestling week and I do belong here. That was my seventh standup night and I’m having fun doing it. It’s become another interest of mine that I never thought would happen.”

On wrestling Scott Steiner: “That was for AIW out of Cleveland and John Thorn, the owner of the company, has become a friend of mine and that’s become a second home for me. I said, ‘I want Steiner. I want it as a proving ground.’ That whole week I called it the ‘I’m Still Not Dead Tour.’ It was an insane week for me, but that match with Steiner was the most-talked about indie match of the week. That’s pretty incredible.”

On taking the Steiner Recliner: “If that [steel rod] gets knocked or jolted too much, I get paralyzed for the rest of my life. So I’m not gonna lie, the thought of that move and being in it scared the hell out of me so I tapped immediately. But it was fully worth it because it was a proving ground match and showed everyone that I’m still here.”

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