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Tama Tonga: ‘AEW Is Run by Guys that New Japan Built or Helped Build’

August 19, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
NJPW Tama Tonga

Fightful recently interviewed NJPW star Tama Tonga. Tama Tonga discussed NJPW working with other promotions in the US, why it might be hard for New Japan to work with AEW, and more. Below are some highlights.

His thoughts on NJPW working with AEW: “I don’t know. I don’t want to say no and I don’t want to say yes. You never know in the wrestling business. So many things can happen. Looking at it, there’s so many things that can happen. Having a foothold in America, we already got a foothold. As in we’ve started a promotion out here in New Japan Strong. We got a dojo. We’ve done tours here. It may not be a big foothold, but it’s […] steady process. But, you just don’t ever know. I could go into some long explanation, but you just never know.”

On Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson making a bridge between NJPW and Impact Wrestling: “I’m open. With TNA [Impact Wrestling], Good Brothers is about the greatest chance they got to create a bridge. Because those two, especially Karl Anderson, coming up in New Japan. He understands how New Japan works. What they like, what they don’t like. I would love to work with the Brothers. If that brings us over to TNA, we’ll see.”

Tama Tonga on Davey Boy Smith Jr. saying NJPW wouldn’t allow him to work in Impact Wrestling previously due to past heat with Jeff Jarrett: “Yes, but Jeff Jarrett was just with us about five years ago. That may have been an issue with Global Force Wrestling, so I’m just trying to patch that. But, it’s difficult for a foreign company to try to go into another country and do business. You have to be cautious [of working with them]. You tried working with them, what ten / fifteen years ago and some things fell apart. That regime has gone and over with. But, the stink still follows them a little bit.”

Tama Tonga on how the system is different now than the territory days: “Look at the territories back in the 80s and that time. There was a working relationship. There was an alliance. There was a united states, all states working together. You can’t find that in promotions any more because everybody’s all selfish and trying to screw each other, and just doing whatever they’re want with their egos and shit. So, nothing can ever be done properly. The disrespect is real.”

On the possible issue of NJPW working with AEW: “AEW is run by guys that came, that New Japan built or helped build. So, you saw how AEW came about. So, you know, it’s hard.”

His thoughts on NJPW President Harold Meij: “When Harold Meij came in — I see a vision. I can see his vision. He’s pushing for it. But, I can’t see the changes yet. Just not yet. So, maybe give me a couple more years or a year and a little bit. Let me see after the pandemic, ‘cause this pandemic put a hamper on things.”

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